Friday, March 24, 2017

Quarters in Her Quarters

One of the things that Madison has inherited from her great grandmother are quarters.  She has these in her room right now (quarters in her quarters), and she's been fascinated with coins lately.  We're not sure where this has come from, outside of her interest in finding older dates on pennies and so forth.  As mentioned earlier, she's got a whole lot of pennies now, some dating back to 1900 and somewhat before.  But also, she has a new set of quarters:

Here she is with that classic map that everyone was selling at the turn of the century.  Back in 2000, these maps were for sale everywhere because the US Mint was issuing quarters for every state, and we were all scrambling to get at least one of each.  They were issued in the order of statehood, so Hawaii was last, and it seemed so distant now, coming out so long away in 2008.  The coins started in 1999, I believe.

You can see above that Madison has one of each of the first round.  She does not have the second round though, outside of a few that we've found here or there lately.  We'll no doubt be collecting that second series, the one with all the parks and landmarks on them.

Coincidentally, there's a wiggly tooth in Madison's mouth right now.  That just might be something the Tooth Fairy brings, as she does like to bring coins!

No ballet today at all, which was fantastic.  It gave Mommy and Madison a chance to rest.  They stayed home tonight, although Daddy had a Father-Son event to go to, one where KidPak hosted a bunch of games, video games, dodge ball, basketball, and the inevitable grilling of hot dogs and hamburgers.  It was a nice night out, although it did go late.  Daddy got home, and the girls were already asleep.  That's a good thing, because Madison needs plenty of rest for tomorrow:  she's doing her final performances with "Into the Woods," and of course Mommy and Daddy will be there to see it all!

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