Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Great Grandma

Madison's great grandmother passed away this morning.  We explained this to Madison tonight, who was initially a bit sad of course.  We all are.  This was Daddy's last living grandparent.

Madison thought of something we did not express earlier:  that her husband has been gone for sixteen years now.  And Madison pointed out that today, she's finally getting to see him once more, and probably giving him a great big hug.

That's the sweetness of our daughter.  Daddy was busy tonight with KidPak, with classes and beyond that several meetings.  It seems we do that a lot sometimes, but it was good to have all that to do, and keep busy.

Madison continued with her piano practice, doing her math homework, and even bringing home some bits of artwork she's done in class.  They are very nice, really.  Daddy hopes to have more hanging up on the walls of his office soon enough.  He genuinely likes the artwork that Madison makes, and in many cases even if it were not done by Madison.  It has a certain quality to it.

Obviously, it was an eventful day, and though we type a lot on this blog, sometimes there just aren't the right words to say.  It's this flood of emotion, and there it is, and it's not quite possible to express at this time.

We'll be praying for Nana today, who lost her mother.  We'll miss great grandmother, but her pains are over.  She said she was ready to move on, and she's done just that.  We'll miss her, and we'll miss everything we associate with her.  Goodbye, Grandma.

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