Friday, March 17, 2017


Madison, Mommy and Daddy went to a BINGO event at the school tonight, something that Madison really liked a lot.  Seriously, she was so into it.  Daddy was like:

We kept thinking back to this scene from "Hotel Transylvania" tonight, but the truth is that the kids really liked it a lot.  Madison got one of the leftover prizes, a frisbee, but even though she didn't really win anything, she had a great time.  And the truth is, she still won more than others did, so yeah, it wasn't that bad.  Daddy just doesn't like games of chance, which is great, because there's no gambling problems in this house!  Now, to be fair, the reason Daddy doesn't like games of chance is that the probability of him winning are zero.  There could be ten drawings, and two people in the room, Daddy being one of them.  And he still wouldn't win.  It's like that old Marvel hero "Longshot," where probability just seems to fall in his favor.  In Daddy's case, when it comes to games of chance, that superpower is in fact reversed, as evidenced by the fact that he has never won anything in his life.  This is a blessing in a way:  there is zero attraction to lottery tickets or gambling.  Because while most people don't have a chance of winning, Daddy's chances of winning are in fact less than zero.

Moving on, today was a big day!  It was St. Patrick's Day!  We had all kinds of goodies downstairs for Madison, including new little coloring books with stained glass windows to color in.  It all had a St. Patrick's Day vibe to it.  Also, there were beads, Lucky Charms, and even some St. Patrick's Day doughnuts with green sprinkles on them.  We had the whole St. Patrick's Day display set up in the kitchen too, and of course everyone wore green.

Madison had a great day at school.  She got her report card back again, and once again, she's on the honor roll.  This is something we nearly take for granted!  But she's doing so amazingly well.  She has a 100 average in math, for example.  Are you kidding me?  That's her average.  Put her lowest grades out with her highest ones, and the middle point is a 100.  Yes, that's how math works.  Bear with me, because I'm an excited and proud dad.

Mommy was making corned beef today, and Irish soda bread too.  We'll celebrate on Saturday with Nana and Ye-Ye, but that smell is in the house, and it is so delicious.

After BINGO tonight, we got home and Daddy was trying to think of a movie about "little people."  We've seen a few Irish movies already, so we were hoping for something new to Madison.  That's when we came up with "The Secret Life of Arrietty."  Which is yet another exciting movie from Miyazaki.  We had the popcorn and the blankets and watched this classic.  I know we'll be watching a few more movies from Miyazaki soon enough.  They're all such great works.

We did watch a few videos online, including the "Danny Boy" version by Animal, Beaker and the Swedish Chef.  And then there was the KidPak video we made a few years ago, and that other video from Veggie Tales about the story of St. Patrick.  It was an overcast, cold, and wet sort of day outside, but it was really perfect when you think of Irish sorts of weather.  The ground is lush green and wet, and the wind is blowing and there's a chill in the air.  You just want to go find that cottage to get inside to get warm, hopefully with some stew.

This afternoon, our nephews - Madison's cousins - marched in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We were watching a live feed of the parade online, and seeing all the pictures and videos that Aunt Shain was sending.  They had a great time!

It's been a great St. Patrick's Day.  And if you're thinking we had a good day, there's just one word we have to say:  BINGO.

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