Sunday, March 26, 2017

As Scripted

This morning we kept on rolling with all the activity of the week by continuing with our Neverland series, which has been just great.  You can see Madison with a few of the other characters at the entrance to the church upstairs, greeting all kinds of different people as they walk in.  But here was the signature moment of the morning for Mommy and Daddy:

This is Madison's first line of dialogue for this series, and pretty much the first thing she's said as a part of a script ever.  She's a character named Mei Mei, who hangs out with the Lost Boys.  Remember, Jane was the first Lost Girl, so it's okay to have a few Lost Girls with the group.


WENDY: “Well, it’s quite simple really.  Because God wants to adopt you into His family.”

RUFIO: “That’s all we ever wanted.  To be adopted.”

PAN has been thinking this over, and marches over to join storytelling at CENTER STAGE

PAN: “I don’t get it, Wendy.  Why did he have to die?”

MEI MEI taps him, and looks up to him.

MEI MEI: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


She didn't have any problem at all with her line.  In fact, she asked if she could have more lines next week.  We'll see about that though, as we have a whole lot of cast members and only eight microphones.  We'll have more pirates next week, so we actually will have a cast of about sixteen or so total by the time all is said and done.  Quite a big cast!

KidPak went well, and we went home.  We had some delicious spaghetti, and soon after that Madison was taking a much-needed bath.  This is the follow-up bath to all the make-up and hair products used for the ballet... are gone!  As you'd suspect, it took a bit of scrubbing!  Mommy and Madison were upstairs with that, and Daddy was downstairs trying to understand the rules to the latest board game we'd try immediately afterwards. 

It went well!  We did a couple games.  First, we tried out "Star Wars Rebels Missions," or something like that.

This was a fun game, although we lost.  We're supposed to work together - which we did.  Players roll the dice, match up cards, and try to complete missions.  The challenge is doing a certain amount of them with a timer going on.  That adds a bit of tension to the game, which gets players doing things with a frantic sort of nature.  

Madison didn't want to play it a second time.  The stress was too much!

So we did a few games of "Stitch: Trouble" next.  It was a fun few rounds, an easy game to play, and one that we enjoyed quite a bit.  We're so glad to have board games in the house, and truth be told, Madison would rather play these than video games.  They take a bit of time to set up, but they're a lot of fun to play.

But we did play some video games.  Madison has been into the whole Jedi/Padawan thing lately, so she was Luke, and Daddy was Obi-Wan, and we were battling all kinds of foes in the Jedi training room.  

Tonight, we had popcorn and a movie, and the choice was:  "The Avengers."  Madison has not seen this yet, and we decided it was time that she could watch it.  She loved it.  We'll probably be watching quite a few more super hero movies between now and Summer Xtreme.  

By the way, we let her know that Agent Coulson will be okay.

And speaking of "heroes," Daddy finished the 2017 Summer Xtreme booklet today, and it looks really solid.  Like, "titanium" solid.

Bedtime tonight:  Bible, devotional, and more Jack Sparrow.  A nice capper to a pretty full day!

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