Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lost Boys

KidPak tonight was great once again.  Daddy has hit upon something foundational and important, really.  Not long ago, these kids didn't know how to use a Table of Contents to find a Bible scripture.  So he has been making these worksheets with scriptures and locations to match up the scriptures.  It's been perfect, and great to see these kids really challenged, all bunched up in small groups, pouring over their Bibles to find that one scripture.  It's an easy formula, as we then go on to talk about that scripture in class, which today included yet another mad-lib that Daddy wrote about Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and a Lost Boy.  Two adult volunteers played Hook and Tink, while we got a kid to play the part of the Lost Boy.  It went really well!

Madison was at home today, although Daddy did turn in her "Big Top" sermon booklet tonight.  If you get it stamped for every day in the series, you get a gift card at the end of the series.  She's saving up these gift cards to get herself something bigger.  We'll be looking online to see how big, but she is hoping to get an iPad eventually.  This would be helpful for school, obviously.  Although I suspect it would also be helpful for her to get more advanced games and apps!

The weather has been so strange lately with the ups and downs.  The end result are people getting sick left and right, which is usually a winter thing anyway.  Mommy was fighting a little bug earlier, but she seems to be doing much better now.

There was no enrichment again, and we're not sure when the next enrichment class starts.  These are the Wednesday afterschool classes that Madison loves to go to.  She hasn't missed one yet.  And this year, she's not done one other thing.  It's been all art for her, so no cooking or engineering or whatever.  Art is what she gravitates towards, and she's learning all kinds of new mediums from water colors to charcoals to just about anything else you can think of.  We'll go to the High Museum soon enough, although this weekend seems to be too packed with scheduling for that.

Piano practice continues, and yes, we're looking into a piano tuner guy.  We have a contact, but we haven't called him yet.  He works with the kids that are in Mrs. Pam's class, so hopefully he'll be nicer to us!  As you can tell, we're a bit fearful of the bottom line on this one.  But we did just get a free piano, so there's that.  Madison goes straight to that piano too, although some of the notes aren't exactly perfect.  She enjoys it.  She's working on "Fur Elise" right now, which is basically Schroeder's song from "Peanuts."  All of these songs don't have actual names.  They're just "that song from that movie."

Daddy got home later tonight, so he missed out on Mommy and Madison actually.  It's been a busy week, but we're getting a lot done.  Daddy has his college class tomorrow, and then he's speaking to all the kids on Sunday.  And... there's something on Tuesday next week which on one hand is an opportunity, but on the other hand is kind of scary!  Stay tuned for that...

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