Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter Overslept

And here comes Winter.  It's like it forgot.  Clearly, Winter was oversleeping this year, having forgotten to set its alarm.  Either that, or it hit the snooze button.  Regardless, it overslept, and has rushed out the door in order to show up to work on time.  And all of its co-workers - the plants, trees, meteorologists - are sitting there as it races in and looking at Winter with that look you give an employee that has shown up for work late.  That look says, "Really?"

That's the look that we're giving the skies right now.  Because the temperature is going to go below twenty this week, and it will probably be the coldest temperature we had all winter long.  This is mid-March.

Everyone's in shock.  Particularly those up north, who are under a whole lot of snow.

Tonight, we had our ballet practice, as well as jazz practice.  It makes for a long evening.  Mommy and Daddy did some grocery shopping, preparing for St. Patrick's Day coming up.  Yes, we got our Lucky Charms, and we got some corned beef too.  We should have gotten some bangers and mash too!

Madison is almost done with both of her routines, having worked in ballet on the closing pose for that dance routine.  The girls are almost ready for that, but of course, the next big thing is the "Into Grimm's Woods" production, which is less than two weeks to go.

She's really excited about it, and so are all the other dancers.  Daddy will hopefully see a few of the performances, but the Saturday night show is the last one she's doing, and the one we're looking forward to the most.  It's going to be exciting!

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