Friday, March 10, 2017

LEGO Batman Movie

This was a fun movie!  We saw it finally tonight, despite the fact that it has been out in theaters about two weeks or so.  The end result was a near-empty theater, although the theater we went to this time was pretty big.  We tried a new theater this time, mostly because of the starting time.  It was the one up in Dawsonville, and it was the first visit for the three of us.  It was nice, and as we said above, we all enjoyed the movie a lot.  This might be the first in a long string of Batman shows/movies that we watch between now and Summer Xtreme.  We'll see how that turns out, but one early idea is having a Batman series on stage for a while.

Today was an early release day for Madison, so we went over to the chiropractor's for a family visit.  Madison loves getting adjustments, and pretty much everything about each visit there.  We had to wait for a bit, but even while waiting we were playing games and so forth.  In the one room, we were checking out the massage chair.  Madison really likes that massage chair.  It does all that stuff to your back, and your calves too.  It's a little much for Daddy, but Madison loves it.  She could sit there a while.  And she did.

We dropped by the Disney Store in Dawsonville while we were up there.  This was one of the reasons we went to Dawsonville, really.  We had to pick up our copy of "Moana," and of course, do our obligatory shopping around.  In the end, we pre-ordered "Rogue One," and got plenty of new t-shirts for Madison that were on sale.

There's colder weather that is rudely inserting itself.  It is still technically winter, but the weather of late has been so mild that we're all thinking that winter forgot its turn.  But here it is suddenly like, "Whoa, what?  It's my turn?  Wasn't paying attention!  Hey, no cutting in line, Spring!"  And so here we are, starting to get rather chilly again.

The drawback is that people are getting sick from this thermo roller coaster.  Pastor Lance got sick with pneumonia, and Daddy had a 102 fever by the time we got home.  Yes, it was a night to take medication for sure.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better - but our plans for roller skating, going to see an ice hockey game, or even visiting a Messianic Jewish Temple for Purim... are hereby cancelled.  Daddy is sick, and Mommy is declaring it a "Stay In Your Pajamas All Day Day."

I'm okay with that.

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