Monday, March 6, 2017

Bradford Pears

Ah, the lovely bloom of the Bradford Pear tree.

That rancid, terrible, odiferous stench that permeates the air around our front yard, burning the eyes with a horrific odor designed to drive humans away.  Would you rather inhale skunk, or Bradford Pear?  It's actually a closer competition than you'd think.  Many in the South here have caught on to the fact that Bradford Trees are less than ideal for reasons of stench in the spring, and then their ability to crack and lose large limbs under their own weight.

We've got two in our front yard.  Every year around this time we discuss what to do with them.  The blooms are certainly pretty from a visual standpoint.  When a good wind comes along, the petals of the tree descend downward like snowflakes, covering the ground in beautiful white.  We'll keep 'em.  At least, until they start cracking under their own weight.  With the weather so warm lately, it's doubtful any ice will affect them until maybe next winter.

Here's a poem I wrote about Bradford Pear Trees.  I think I'll call it "Ode to the Bradford Pear Tree"

My dear, what beauty shall I compare?
You're like a blossom of Bradford Pear!
Soft petals fall like flakes of pure snow
Flittering down to the grass below
As sunlight streams through petals of white
reminding us it is winter's night,
for soon the warmth of life shall return,
passionate hope within our hearts burn!
For with just one glance you captivate
Lo!  I cannot help but gravitate
towards blooms of loveliness, and sweet embrace
All cares are gone, and without a trace.
Yet new emotion has taken place:
Your striking fragrance assaults my face!
Alas, I have judged book by cover:
a pungent stench around you hovers!
Despite your beauty, away I creep,
as the smell attacks my senses deep
and upon our persons it does rest
as a wheezing infiltrates the chest.
Come, let's flee!  And yes without delay!
Escape, and fall to our knees to pray.
Although quite lovely, the truth I think
is a lesson learned.  Because you stink!
The atmosphere around you does wreak!
Yet now I see your branches are weak,
And I look upon them to see where,
But no!  It's true!  Not one single pear!
Enchantment comes to intoxicate
But some things sublime... aren't all that great.
Exquisite charm, it may come to thee.
And when your heart says go and be free 
to experience all you're desperate to see,
just know how things look to you and me  
aren't always what they're cracked up to be.
Appearance can blind reality.
Remember that stinking Bradford Tree!

Tonight we had our ballet again, and as always it was longer.  Madison danced away while Daddy sat outside reading a book.  It's been that sort of weather outside, although it could be slightly warmer.  Still, it's technically yet winter, so that's okay.  Things are blooming all over though, and with that comes blossoms - and pollen.  The little coughing spells are all around as everyone adjusts a bit to the new atmosphere.  The girls were dancing inside, of course, so there were no worries there.  But Madison and the others have been dancing a while, and the next few weeks will see some more of these really long sessions as everyone gears up for the big performance of "Into the Woods."

Madison is excited.  We have our tickets in our regular spot, and we'll be watching from the balcony on Saturday night.  Daddy may once again be an usher for the morning productions on Thursday, hopefully catching a peek at Madison in that abbreviated performance.  No doubt, we'll see it plenty times before that, as there are lots of run-throughs on the calendar.

But its all good, and Madison is really loving it.  We're so happy to have her in it, as it is building friendships, confidence, and of course skill.  There's a lot of fruit in it!  Unlike... the Bradford Pear... knew I had to go there...

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