Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Art Gallery

It was our annual trip to the art gallery today, the one down at the Chestatee Gym.  Madison's fourth grade picture was hanging up, framed amongst all the others, and a sad little reminder that there is just one more row left to go and she'll be moving on from this school.  We've collected her pieces going back to kindergarten, then first, then second, then third, and now this year's.  It was an unusual piece to say the least.  You can see she's got a picture of herself tilted to the left, with her mouth slightly open, and all this color and wording coming out.  It's either a Peter Max 60's kind of thing, or these are all portraits of kids during that time when everyone was sick.

One thing we like to do is check out the self portraits from the third graders.  There are so many great ones - although these were our favorites above.  the first one, there's a kid who evidently wore a shirt that said, "I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry.  I wasn't in control."  And so, that's in the final picture.  You really lose focus of anything else but that message, and then you go from there, looking for cues as to some sort of ravenous behavior.  Finding none, you then assume that though the girl appears somewhat normal, things can drastically change very quickly.  The best strategy is to keep her well-fed.  Child #2 there with the rainbow... is one to be scared of.  The Minecraft Creeper there on the shirt really lets you know that there is monster lurking within this picture.  And it is probably due to an abundance of sugar, as shown in the eyes.  Although, that could be a simple case of possession.  Child #3 cracks me up because she's wearing a "Love Wolves" shirt, and is surrounded by wolves, and her expression seems to indicate that perhaps this wasn't the best idea, posing with some wolves.  There's just a hint of unease and fear there.  And Child #4 is telling us to smile more.  We're not sure what that backdrop is, but his zipper smile is somewhat contagious.

Anyway, we left there and watched "Aladdin" at home.  Daddy passed along the fez again, and we got some popcorn ready for another Arabian night.  Today at music practice, Mrs. Pam was reading a portion of the Scheherazade stories, complete with a frustrating cliffhanger (this so Scheherazade can keep telling the stories night after night).  We're getting ready for a "Arabian Night" theme for the piano finale, so these movies will be on the playlist.  Today we dropped off a bunch of magic carpets and baskets to help her decorate when the time comes, and beyond that, we've got brass items and more to donate for the effort.  It'll be a great finale!

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