Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mei Mei the Lost Girl

The full cast was on today for our "Neverland" series, with the addition of a new tribal character, plus Wendy and Jane from the mainland.  Daddy had to do just one more group shot, this time with the whole cast involved.

It was a great morning, with a service themed along with the Pixie Hollow characters finding their different talents.  That thought was transferred to the Lost Boys and even the Pirates, who need a new lookout ever since Skylights - ahem - fell out of the crow's nest.  You can see Madison above, getting ready to go upstairs with the others to greet.  We had the whole cast up there saying hello to people as they entered.

And on stage, things were marvelous.  Madison did well as her character, although she doesn't have any speaking lines yet.  Still, she's got a name Mei Mei, and it's been hinted that she's a "secret weapon."  

Madison has been enjoying her time on stage though.  After the second service skit, she races out to the back of the auditorium to hear the message being shared.  Today's message was brought by our friend Craig, and it really worked well with the kids.  It was a terrific day overall.

After church, the fun didn't stop.  Madison went to a run through of the ballet production, this time over at Brenau's Pearce Auditorium, where the actual production will take place.  We stopped at McDonald's for some chicken nuggets (Madison doesn't do burgers), and some related stomach problems for Daddy afterwards!  

The rest of the day was a LONG one.  Madison was involved in a protracted ballet production practice, an official run through at Pearce Auditorium.  Things were running behind there, so Madison and the other girls spent quite a bit of time there waiting, dancing, and then waiting again.  Meanwhile, Daddy was involved in this huge event at the church that lasted... wait for it... four and a half hours longs.  Imagine a service four and a half hours long.  That's what this was.  We had a whole lot of guest speakers, and it was kind of a big deal.  But we missed out on all of it downstairs, because we were watching over the kids for four and a half hours.  We did plan a service, one with a new skit that Daddy wrote, actors that volunteered to come, videos we showed, games, and a message about unity.  But four and a half hours is a long time to fill, so ultimately we decided to show the "Tribes" cartoons we've done the last three years, one at a time.  We didn't know how long things would last, so one cartoon turned to two.  And then the third one after that.  This after a big service downstairs, extended worship, playtime in the recreation room, and several thousand bathroom breaks.  It was pretty brutal!

But we went home around ten o'clock.  I hear things went well in the service upstairs.  But watching kids since 8:00 am, we were pretty exhausted.  Zzzzzzzz....

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