Saturday, March 4, 2017

Neverland Prep

Here we are on the eve of a new series, the 55th one of Daddy's career.  Which is amazing, when you think about it.  By some simple calculations, that's about 380 messages that Daddy has written.  Yeah, 380 sermons.  That's a lot.  And here we are flying into Neverland with eight more messages.  It's going to be great.

Mommy is up late working on costuming.  Also, she's done the display case, which looks just fantastic. You'll have to see that tomorrow, I think.  All the while, we were working on music, keynote imagery, video editing, lighting, and of course final bits of setwork.  We got some great new props today at the last minute, and all seems to be ready for tomorrow.  Really, it's the most ready I feel we've ever been for a new series.

This morning, Madison had dancing practice for the upcoming play she's in.  That's getting close too - "Into Grimm's Woods" is just a few weeks away.  The parents were at a meeting to learn more about the details for rehearsals and so forth.  We just went through all this for "The Nutcracker," so some of it was very familiar.

Daddy had his Perry the Platypus hat on today, because it is the first Saturday of March.  The world may not celebrate Platypus Day like it used to, but here in this house, we hold these sacred traditions very close.  In fact, Madison and Daddy had a Disney Infinity level set up where we were both Perry the Platypus (crystal and regular), battling robots and so forth.  You can hear the theme song playing now, can't you?

But the main event was just before bedtime, the conclusion of Season Two of "Star Wars Rebels."  It was eventful for sure.  Madison is now reeling, trying to figure out what happened to Ahsoka.  And from what I understand, the rest of the Star Wars fandom is doing the same thing, speculating.  Which is what the producers wanted all along.  The ending appears open to interpretation one way or another. We'll see as time goes on, but it was quite a bit of emotion here in the house.  Madison is a big fan of the character, and I suspect she's not alone.  Of course, we all are.  Daddy remembers long ago when the Clone Wars cartoon hadn't even premiered yet, thinking how great it all looked.

So today was largely spent at the church, setting things up.  There were a lot of circus-related props and costumes to pack up, and tubs to stack up in the tiny little prop room we have.  It was a lot to clean up, but we had help, and we were able to get it done more quickly than if doing it alone.  Unlike it used to be for quite some time, we should be able to get a good night's sleep before a new series.  That'll be great.  No stress here at all!

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