Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Slice of π

It was π Day once again, and this time Madison is old enough to get the concept.  We got a new independent game on the X-Box 360, one called "π."  It's a simple thing that just tells you the places of π, which we have memorized up to around 3.1415926535.  Obviously, we're not going for distance here.  It's just good to have the concept down, and yes what a glorious concept π is!  Seriously, have you ever thought about it, how the greatest sphere in the universe - let's just say you take the circumference of VY Canis Majoris (a red hyper giant star 2,000 times the size of our sun).  And then you divide that by its diameter.  The answer is π.  And similarly, you can take the circumference of a hydrogen atom, and divide that by its diameter.  The answer again is π.  It's everywhere, hidden within everything.  It's like God's signature on all creation.  Pretty interesting when you stop to think about it.

Today we celebrated π as anyone should:  with pie.  Mommy made this pie you see above, and it was astounding.  Those chocolate-covered strawberries are pure magic!  And tonight, our π-themed movie was "Night at the Museum 2:  Battle of the Smithsonian."  In that movie, there's a secret code that needs to be used to activate an Egyptian artifact.  And as you might have guessed, that code is 3.14159265.  We watched "Night at the Museum 3" in Florida a few weeks ago, so this was fun to watch tonight.  Guessing we'll go backwards and do the first movie in a week or two!

Another suggestion for a video game:  Disney Infinity 3.  Yes, π is in it!  If you play the "Toybox Takeover" game, and do the western-themed level, there is a three-digit code you have to plug in at the very end, in order to free up a game piece.  That code?  Of course, it's 3.14.  Easy as π!

Anyway, this was π Day.  It's also Taco Tuesday, so of course we had tacos.  But if you take the circumference of a sombrero, and divide that circumference by the diameter of that same sombrero, the answer is... π!  

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