Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hydraulic Robot Arm

Daddy had a fever last night, and still somewhat today, so we decided to stay home and do a "pajama day," something that Madison liked very much.  Yay, a day to stay in pajamas all day!  Daddy had a bit of catching up to do with work, and Madison had some piano to do.  But after that, we got to work on a hydraulic robot arm.  This was another Tinker Crate project, one where we learned how hydraulics work, and set ourselves to making this robotic arm.  Daddy brought his old robotic arm, Armatron, up for the group picture.  We have a small LEGO version of "Dummy" from the Iron Man series, and perhaps we should have thought of putting that in the group photo.  Maybe next time.

One thing you can see in the photo above is another science experiment.  Armatron is holding a bottle of water that is a cartesian experiment, hydraulics of another kind.  You squeeze that bottle and the little capsule we made inside it goes down towards the bottom.  So there was science all over this afternoon, right?  Sure there was!  Madison learned about how gasses compress when pressure is applied, and how liquid molecules can't really compress, but rather go off wherever they can.  She spent a bit of time constructing cups of plastic that she can lift up with her hydraulic robotic arm.  It's actually a pretty neat little experiment.

We did the Star Wars LIFE game after this, a Jedi's Path.  This has been Madison's favorite board game lately.  The end result was an exact tie, but the new thing here was Daddy's determination to become a Sith Wookie.  Yes, this is something the Star Wars universe apparently needs.  The game was fun as always, and yes, we'll be playing it again soon.  She really likes this one.

Mommy made some delicious egg drop soup, and Daddy stayed medicated throughout the day to keep the fever down.  It was up to 102, almost 103, at one point.  Very annoying!  But things seem to be improving.  We're going to bed a little earlier tonight, as tomorrow is Daylight Savings Time, and everyone has to get up earlier.  But it would be a good idea regardless.

Before bedtime, we watched "Moana" again, now in our possession at home.  It's a fun movie, and of course has us all thinking of Hawaii once again.  We'd love to go back.  We'll see - some day!

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