Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Battleground State

We had a lot of fun playing this tonight.  Madison suggested it, and for a little over an hour, it was game on - until bedtime at least.  This is such an overlooked game, although that might be because of all the individual parts you have to get in order to have each character.  Fortunately, we do have each character, and we had a ton of fun doing a wide variety of versus match-ups, where Madison and Daddy would fight off other teams.  Madison was tearing it up, and just having the greatest time racking up victories.

Too bad Disney Infinity has passed on though.  About a week ago, the online server for the game shut down for good.  We were able to download a whole lot of the player-created levels, and those should keep us busy for a while.  Those levels will be fine for the time being, as well as the multi-player games we can do.  But that's it for us and the toys-to-life games.  No more collecting for us, thank you.

It was handled really poorly, to be honest.  But has been a bad year for Disney in other areas too.  Without going into details, there was a movie we planned on seeing, but we're literally taking a wait-and-see attitude now.  Quite gradually, Disney's rabid fanbase is becoming a little less rabid.

Anyway, today we were out at piano practice, which was more math-based than any previous class.  There was a lot of time spent writing out times and note values and so forth.  Madison is good at math, so she may catch on to this quicker than Daddy.  But here we are on the last homestretch, the time between Winter Wonderland and the Spring Recital.  Mrs. Pam has not decided to one way or another to create a post-graduate class for these children yet, but you know we would be onboard for it.  Madison has learned quite a bit.  The other side of it is Mrs. Pam's schedule, which we have to respect.  She may be busy enough as it is.  One way or another, this fifth year is winding down.  Madison is really excited about playing this aria she's been learning.  It's a fast piece, one you've heard before.  No doubt we'll be mentioning it again soon right here.

We got home for tacos, and the little plastic taco trucks that Josh got us for Christmas.  These hold the tacos nicely, that is, until Madison scarfs them down quickly.  Daddy can't eat as many, as his lack of gall bladder might be coming into play.  Surprisingly, there have been quite a few others we know that are having their gall bladders removed.  We mentioned Ba-Ba having his removed, but we know two others that have had their removed at the church, and another hospital report today said the same thing about a staff member's parent.  The other guy is a ballet parent who is about Daddy's age.  It's apparently a pretty common thing!

Anyway, the rest of the day was Battlegrounds.  Madison did the best as Black Widow, although she was having a blast playing all the Marvel characters in the game.  We have all the power discs and characters, so it's a pretty big experience.  Lots of fun.

We went to bed tonight reading from the book of Exodus, which was interesting again.  For one, the other day we were reading how Moses was about to get killed in Exodus 4:24-26.  We sort of passed over that one quickly when reading, mainly because Daddy never really noticed that so much beforehand.  We'll have to read about that in a bit, researching what was going on there.  Unusual passage.  Anyway, tonight was about lineages, and you can see where Korah is Moses' cousin.  Family feud indeed.  On top of this, we learn that Moses is the great-grandson of Levi.  While we knew the heritage, we sort of see again how Jacob's first wife Leah gave birth to children who would have descendants like Moses, and of course eventually Jesus.  Anyway, tonight's passage was more about descendants and a list of names, but even as such, there are little nuggets in there to be found.  Tomorrow the rubber hits the road as we begin seeing what happens to Pharaoh when he refuses to do what he's asked to do.

Meanwhile, we're starting a new "Neverland" devotional that Daddy has written.  Also, there's the Jack Sparrow book, "Silver," which we read a few chapters from.  We still have a bit to go with this series, although we're about halfway through this booklet now.  Currently, the bad guys have escaped, although Jack and company have the second silver piece that goes on this medallion necklace thing.  Hopefully they can all get back to the Yucatan.  Coincidentally, we're seeing trailers for the upcoming Pirates movie, where we see a younger Jack Sparrow.  I don't know if there'll be any intersection of these booklets and the early section of the movie (characters, etc.).  But it's interesting nonetheless.  Madison thinks it looks a bit scary at the moment though.  She's more looking forward to the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie, which of course we'll have to screen first before she can see that one.  She hasn't even seen the first one yet.  But she loves those characters.  Tonight she was Gamora, battling away in Marvel Battlegrounds.

We said our prayers tonight, thankful for health and happiness.  Or, as Groot would say:  "I am Groot."

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