Saturday, March 18, 2017

An Empty House

It was a pretty busy day today, and a beautiful one at that.  Finally, the weather is starting to turn again, although for all we know it could start getting super chilly once more.  As for today, we did get to sleep in a bit, which was nice.  We needed that rest.  We got up in time to get ready to go out the door, our first stop being ballet practice for Madison.  Daddy took Madison over to Brenau for the production practice, pretty much the last Saturday practice until the actual production itself.  Madison was dancing with her friends as Daddy was typing a message up for Summer Xtreme, while also doing a bit of reading in the car.  Ahhh, to read outside on such a nice day.  One of life's simple pleasures, but a pleasure nonetheless.

We got home, and there wasn't much time before going off on another adventure.  Nevertheless, Madison made a request for a board game.  Together, we played "Sorry!"  Madison requested this game, and won the first round.  Daddy took the next one.  Sorry!

Also in the quick time between activities, we played some more Disney Infinity.  Madison has been on this Jedi/padawan kick, so we played as Kanan and Ezra... in Ireland.  We were trying to collect all the shamrocks before the timer went out.  This we were able to do, plus fight off a lot of battle droids and Star Wars bad guys.  We were the Fightin' Irish!

After this, we went to Nana and Ye-Ye's house for our St. Patrick's Day celebration.  This time of year, we usually do some bigger family thing, although this year Madison's cousins were up in New York City for the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  This year, we just decided to do dinner with some Irish music playing in the background.  We had the traditional foods: cabbage, corned beef and potatoes.  Mommy made her marzipan potatoes, and there was even some gluten-free Irish soda bread.  It was a nice hearty meal, a perfect celebration of all things Irish.  Madison tried the corned beef for the first time, and decided that she liked it... with an appropriate amount of ketchup.

It was a nice meal, and afterwards we had one more trip to make: Great grandmother's house.  Of course, it is now empty.  The idea is to gather as much as we can to sell in an upcoming garage sail - the neighborhood one that we do once a year.  The proceeds can help out Madison's cousin Jonathan on his upcoming missions trip to Central America.  Not that the trip was about pillaging and plundering, although you sort of get that feeling when going through a deceased person's stuff.  Madison was here, a place where we all knew so well growing up.  And yet this would be one of the final times visiting.  Soon enough, there'll be hardly any reason to visit Cleveland at all.  This is just fine with Daddy.

The empty house brought back a flood of memories, of visits and of dinners and various celebrations. The smells were there, even just a hint of some of the cooking smells that could only come from that house, although some of that was clearly just imagined.  Madison found a treasure in one room:  pennies.  Lately, she's been looking at the dates of pennies, marveling at how far they go back in time.  In one room, Madison found a collection of pennies, framed and with dates going back to 1900.  Who cares about the other collector coins:  these pennies were a fantastic treasure for her, and all she could ever want.  Except the amber ring she found.  That one looked pretty awesome to Madison.  It's in her collection tonight, just one of the dozens of rings we found in the house.  There's a lot to pour through, including quite a few old photos.  But the real legacy of great grandma are in the memories she left behind.

We drove home tonight, later.  It was dark, and we were tired.  And deep in thought about those memories.  She'd be happy to see Madison with those pennies and that ring.  She'd be happier still to know that Madison has warm memories of her.

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