Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Madison had her last practice tonight, and yes, she got home significantly earlier this time.  She and Mommy met Daddy at church tonight - KidPak went well also.  We've been all over the map this week with transportation and practices and schedules, but we're almost done with it all.  Mommy looked at the calendar and laughed, because it won't be long before auditions for "The Nutcracker" again:  next month!  Also, of course, there are two spring recitals in ballet.  It can very easily fill up the calendar.  Mommy and Daddy are looking at the summer part of that calendar, and yes, there's a "Nutcracker" camp there usually towards the end of July.  Also, there are two Summer Xtreme camps to attend, as well as perhaps two weeks of art camp.  Did we mention that we're now supporters of Quinlan Arts Center?  Yes, we're official members now.  Part of that is so we can start signing up for various classes and camps, including those summer camps that Madison likes to attend.

You can see that the summer calendar fills up rather quickly!  But there's one more camp that Mommy and Daddy have been eyeing, and we'll see if it all works out.  It actually takes place down at Ponce Inlet there, at the Marine Science Center.  Hopefully they'll be posting some info about their camps, because it looks like a great time, and an educational one too.

As for today, it was spent in preparation for classes tomorrow morning, tonight, and writing the script for this upcoming Sunday at KidPak.  This weekend, Madison will actually have a line to say on stage, so that's exciting.  It's a good script, one where the Lost Boys want to hear a story from Wendy.  And Madison gets to help out with that story!

The weather is suddenly chilly again, although not as chilly as last week.  But one day it is 88 degrees, and the next, the temperature drops thirty degrees or more.  That's what the storms were about last night.  And speaking of which, there is a lot of debris to clean up after today.  There are branches and other things thrown about by the violent winds yesterday.  It sounded rough last night.  Of course, we spent much of our time inside Pearce Auditorium, so we weren't completely aware of what was happening... that is until the big BOOM!  A thunderclap could be heard from deep within the auditorium, and then everyone suspected there was more to the weather outside than meets the eye.  It turns out there were a few tornadoes in Jackson County, and maybe even southern Hall County.  Hopefully this season won't be as rough as some of those we remember growing up.

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