Sunday, February 19, 2017

Herding Ducks

Today's big event was a trip to the pool!  Madison and Daddy hopped in the golf cart, and peeled out of there off towards the swimming pool here at Del Webb.  The sun was out, although there was a slight breeze.  Still, we took a few moments to sit in some of those Florida lounge chairs beside the pool, and soak up the February sun.  The pool is heated, so it was perfectly pleasant while in there - although that was not necessarily the case getting out.  Brrr!  Still, it was nice in the pool.  Madison and Daddy spent about an hour and a half there with the typical diving games and flips and splashing.  One of the current jokes in the pool is this:

Daddy:  Knock Knock!
Madison:  Who's there?
Daddy:  Breaching Whale!
Madison:  Breaching Whale who?
Daddy launches upwards, and splashes down in front of Madison, soaking her again.

Simply replace the "whale" part with anything else, and there's the running joke.  We've had breaching cows, breaching appliances, breaching school buses, and even breaching zambonis.

One of the big events of our pool visit was the simultaneous visit of two ducks.  The fear is that these ducks would contaminate the pool, so it was an interesting process watching all the pool inhabitants get organized, herding the ducks to one side of the pool, and hopefully out.  Only they didn't go out.  They just flew to the other side of the pool.  We watched in amusement as for approximate ONE HALF HOUR this process was repeated from one side of the pool to the other.  At least folks got their exercise!

This morning, we woke up and it was of course Sunday.  We asked Chris to show us the KidPak service live, and yes, we were there watching online.  We saw a skit that Daddy wrote just yesterday here in Florida, and of course heard the message about reaching out to help others, complete with clips that Daddy captured from "Madagascar 3."  Madison sat here watching the service - it was nice to see, even down here in Florida!

We didn't do too much more today, although Daddy spent a LOT of time writing.  He's racing against a deadline to complete the Neverland devotional.  By evening's end, he got to page twenty out of twenty-eight.  Not bad!

Meanwhile, Madison started a sewing project with Mommy.  We got a craft at Joanne's Fabric Store, one where Madison could put together her own stuffed animal.  She didn't get finished, but will certainly be working on it tomorrow.

Ba-ba is getting better every day.  This is what was written yesterday, and it still holds true.  Mommy is feeding him well, with attractive foods that have high calories.  His spirits are up, although he certainly needs rest.  Been there, done that.  Daddy had his gall bladder out just two months ago.

It was a nice day, the weather perfect.  It was actually a little warm in the room tonight, in fact.  We got to bed earlier, although Mommy and Daddy were spending time in bed surfing the web, and in Daddy's case reading a new book Mommy got him about the election.  We read to Madison too, quite a bit from the Jack Sparrow adventures, and that cursed sword.  Tia Dalma is about to enter the picture for the first time - Daddy is a big fan of that accent, although I don't think I can do it.  For all the other characters, Daddy has been doing his best with accents.  Jean has a French accent.  Arabella has a Scottish one.  Fitzwilliam has a proper English accent.  And Jack Sparrow of course has his own way of saying things.  The best accent of all to do is Davy Jones.  I know you're probably saying it right now:  "Do you fear death?"

Anyway, it has been a fairly productive - and fun - day today in the Sunshine State.   But any day you get to watch senior citizens herd ducks is a good one in my book!

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