Friday, February 24, 2017

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus

We had a great night tonight at the circus.  This would be the last time - I think - we go to a Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  It has been chronicled here that Daddy went to see this very circus at Madison Square Garden in New York, and we even still have the program books to prove it.  Those are in the display case at KidPak right now.  Tonight, we were sure to pick up one more to add to the collection, the final program book of this circus.

Here's Madison during the pre-show, at the wardrobe changing area, where you can put on various circus items to try on.  Let's see... what did she try on?

We've been holding on to these circus peanuts for about two months now, so it was just the right time to crack those open.  Plus, we got some popcorn and those clown noses you see in the picture above.  We got those noses after arriving early to see some of the pre-production acts.  There were clowns that Madison was laughing at, and horses riding around doing tricks.  Also one of those dangling scarf acts, some roaming clowns, a wardrobe changing station, and a Chick-Fil-A cow with a rainbow wig on his head.  Afro circus indeed!

The show itself was great.  The high wire was right there in front of us, amazing as always.  There was even a human cannonball, a girl who launched across the arena to a large cushion on the other side.  There were trampoline acts and some amazing bike tricks.  But Madison's favorite act - and Mommy's - was the one that featured trained dogs.

They were pretty awesome.  But so was the strong man, and the mermaids, bungee jumpers and acrobats.  Another one of Madison's favorite acts was the man in the cage with thirteen tigers (we counted).  That was her second favorite act, because she thought the tigers were beautiful.  Further conversation revealed that she didn't necessarily want to run into one in the jungle or something like that.  But they looked nice... from a distance!

In short, it was a great time at the circus.  And too bad it's pretty much the last one.  But it was good to end on a high note, and it was clear from the crowd's reaction that it was enjoyed by everyone very much.

It was a good time, and a great way to end the day.  We did stories tonight, reading the Bible and reading from the circus-themed devotional as well.  Plus Jack Sparrow too, only just one chapter.  We were tired!

Earlier today, there was school and work, of course.  Madison had her technology class again, where she's learning to type.  Will she match Daddy's record of typing in high school?  I remember getting up to 90 words per minute, although the words that were typed in those runs weren't full of the quick foxes or quartz extracts.

The weather is gorgeous outside.  It's February, and it feels like a perfect spring day outside.  Folks are confused about this, but maybe the best approach is to just enjoy the day, right?  That's just what we did!

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