Thursday, April 13, 2017


We're reading fast and furious now, approaching the big ending to this 12-book series.  It seems like we started this months ago... because we did.  Anyway, we're at "Poseidon's Peak" now, and we've had a special visit from Constance the Cat.

This is strangely one of Madison's favorite characters.  It is such an abused, mangy sort of character, and yet inside we all know it has a heart of gold.  And inside, despite the protests of all the other characters, we know that they love this pathetic little cat.

But she's been gone for several books now, and the return of Constance was something rather wonderful tonight in reading, something Daddy had the benefit of seeing coming, and something he took a moment to lift his eyes from the book to see as he said her name slowly to Mommy and Madison.  Both of them laughed out loud, quite thrilled to see the return of this cat.  Strange, and possibly unintended, but this was the best part of this book thus far.

Tonight we had ballet again, where Daddy has been writing and reading and just enjoying the nice weather outside.  Madison did her math homework on the way to ballet, but it didn't take that long.  Next week, she won't have any homework due to the Milestones tests.  There are all kinds of recommendations for sleep and rest coming home, all of which we will ignore this weekend because it's Easter.  But we usually follow the example of ten hours of sleep for Madison, and that's one of the keys to our success, I suspect.  A good night's rest is vital for all these kids as they grow.  Madison is rarely tired, unless of course we keep her out late to watch a play, or something like that.  I brought that up because tomorrow, we're keeping her out late to watch a play.  More on that... tomorrow.

In the meantime, today was a quiet day.  Daddy had his class in the morning, and Mommy was preparing some Easter baskets.  Madison put out our Easter village this week, as seen here:

As noted earlier, we're not ones to go out and buy these villages.  But this one was at a dollar store, and as each item was just a dollar, we thought it would be hilarious to infest Ye-Ye's house with all these intricate little bunny homes.  Eventually, we got it back, and haven't had the heart to get rid of it.  So now, we own a bunny village, one that Madison proudly puts out on display each Easter.

There is one bunny in this picture that is either ready to go play tennis, or possibly assault a few other bunnies in the foreground.  Anyway, it's a cute little village and it is kind of growing on us.  No doubt, it is probably worth more to us at this point than it actually would be to anyone else.  There's sentimental value to it now, which means we're keeping it around to let us know that Easter's on the way!

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