Friday, April 14, 2017

Star Stuff

As with many of our series at KidPak, there are typically other things going on externally that sort of accompany what we do.  One example of this is the play we saw tonight, "Peter and the Star Catchers."  It was at a theater we haven't been to yet, the Ed Cabell Theater at the Gainesville College campus.  We had second-row seats, and the action was in our faces the whole night.  What a fast-paced play!

Daddy has read all the books, and that being said, this was a very good telling of the story.  Obviously, there are plenty of differences.  But the core of the story is there, and it is told in a different tone that has you very much invested in the production the whole way through.  It's unique, it's creative, and it's a whole lot of fun!

Madison, Daddy and Madison went tonight, although we were joined by some friends from KidPak, the same ones that have had tickets for "Beauty and the Beast" and other productions this season.  Why look!  It's another selfie with Camille!

Tonight was the last one of this season we're going to, and it was a fantastic way to end things out with the GTA season, and to a lesser extent, our "Neverland" series.  Madison just loved it, but so did Mommy and Daddy and everyone else who came.

So that was the night.  The day was a good day too - in fact, it was "Good Friday" today, with a service at noon at the church, along with a bit of work and preparation at the office for the Eggstravaganza tomorrow.  Also, we have a service on Easter, of course.

With that going on, earlier today after school, we did some decorating around the house, adding to the Easter village.  We got the flag up in the front yard, and Daddy even had time to make up Mommy's Easter basket:

There's a new CeCe Winans release out, and Mommy likes her a lot.  So Daddy made the bunny a doctor, and printed out a prescription that reads, "For that 'down' feeling, take two CeCe's of until better.  - Dr. E. Bunny."  Of course, it's a play on words.  Hopefully Mommy will like it!

Oh!  And I almost forgot!  Today Madison - and the rest of the world - saw the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie due out in December.  That's enough to get everyone excited.  Hopefully the world will stop gassing each other or testing missiles or dropping the mother of all bombs long enough so that we can all live in peace and be around to watch said Star Wars movie... it's been an eventful few weeks in the world, with those festering sores known as Syria and North Korea.  We have a more aggressive President, or at least one who means what he says.  Hopefully we won't have to call too many more bluffs.  This week, we dropped the "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan, a new military fumigation system for nests of terrorists.  It was apparently terribly effective.  The world-wide nest seems pretty stirred up though, and it seems as if action of some form is inevitable.  The question is what side of the action will Russia land on - that always seems to be the question.  It's an interesting time, certainly.

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