Friday, April 28, 2017


Oh boy.  The recitals are coming up soon, and suddenly there's the busy season again.  We've got all kinds of practices going on at home, with our main feature being Pachelbel's Canon in D.  That song is now officially stuck in everyone's heads!  Madison has been a bit behind with this one, but she's practicing it quite a bit.  I think tonight, she did it roughly fifteen times in a row.  Tomorrow, it will be about the same, and Saturday there will be even more because we'll have more time.  She's doing her best though, and that's all we can ask.  She's also supposed to be practicing some ballet moves at home, which is something unique as well.

But just because the Milestones testing is over with, that doesn't mean she's done with school work.  No, she's got a big science project coming up for May.  This year, Madison gets to choose her own science project, and at this point, she's decided to do something with the ocean ecology, perhaps something with the food chains or life cycles.  Not sure at this point, but it was something she kind of got excited about.  Perhaps she's going to be a marine biologist after all?

Perhaps she'll know what to do with errant Titleist golf balls that fly into the ocean.  Anyway, today was a big day for her with dancing.  Daddy stayed in the parking lot, reading this book he's been working on casually for months now.  That just shows you how much time he's had to read lately.  Lots of stuff going on, and we're busy, busy, busy!

Of coarsest there is always time to read before bedtime for Madison, as we continued reading about elements and Descendants.  But she got home from ballet and pretty much ate, and played piano, and went to bed.  Not much time for fun time tonight.  We'll get some more time tomorrow, I suspect.

This morning on the way to school, we left a lot earlier.  And on the way back home after dropping Madison off, there was a tree that had fallen down nearby our house.  Not saying it would have hit us, but it did fall within the ten minute gap that Daddy was dropping her off at school, and on the way back from school.  And since we left earlier than usual, it stands to reason that this might have hit us. Regardless, it was a great teaching moment today, in fact one we were talking about in our college class today, the one Daddy teaches.

Heavy cloud, but no rain.  There were some tremendous thunderstorms just north of us, but once again, we were - for all intents and purposes - dry.  But the weather was overcast at least, and the sun was not that overbearing at all.  It was a good day, really, just a busy one for all of us.

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