Monday, April 24, 2017

Fire the Pachelbel Canons!

Madison was really proud of her checkers game this morning.  Apparently, she was up against one of the other whiz kids at school, and found an opportunity to do a decisive double-jump that cost her opponent the win.  She was also sure to let us know that she told him "Good game" afterwards, because good sportsmanship is important too.  But it was funny listening to her regale us with her triumphant story of an epic match between intellectual giants.

This is a season where we're prepping for Summer Xtreme, which traditionally means fewer words on this blog.  We just have so much to do with filming and editing and writing and all the other details it takes to make a camp like that work.

We had ballet and jazz tonight, and Daddy had mulch.  This is also a season of mulch, where the car and garage start smelling like mulch.  The front yard certainly does, because bag after bag goes out there, and we have a lot more area left to cover.  I can cram eight bags in the trunk, but we didn't put any in the backseat because of the rains recently.  We use red mulch, and it sort of wants to color everything else red as well.

Madison is practicing her piano, but it's clear she has a long way to go on this.  So we'll have to intensify the practice a bit as we head down the home stretch.   When she finished, we did a bit of video gaming just to bring it down a notch.  Madison created a race track based on "Guardians of the Galaxy," and she called it "Racetrack of the Galaxy."  Rocket and Star-Lord were racing each other, trying to avoid all the traps that Madison put out.

Tonight before bed, we read a few excerpts from "The Price of Freedom," which explains how Jack Sparrow made a deal with Davy Jones, along with a few other things, like why is the Black Pearl black?  Or why doesn't Jack Sparrow tell anyone what his plan is?  Or how did he even get a ship?  Or why is it that Cutler Beckett hates him so much?  Things like that.  The last two chapters are pretty much all you need to read to find this sort of thing out, which is what Daddy read to Madison tonight, in a sort-of abridged version.  She and Mommy liked hearing that.  Daddy read the book some time ago, and with all the Jack Sparrow history going on lately, this was a good thing to share before bed.  Arrr!

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