Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Enrichment Bubbles

After reading tonight - we're still doing "Descendants Return to the Isle of the Lost" - Daddy must have left his shoes in the bedroom.

MADISON:  "Dad?"
DADDY:       "Yes?"
MADISON:  "You left your shoes in here!"
DADDY:       "Do they smell bad?"
MADISON:  "Oh yes!"

We have a funny routine before bed every single night.  I mean all the time.  Every time.  Basically, she's up there brushing her teeth, and she's done washing her face and so forth, and she calls out downstairs saying, "READY!"

So Daddy comes upstairs to look for her.  Because she's always hiding somewhere, and it usually is somewhere different.  Sometimes it is in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.  Sometimes in a hamper.  Sometimes in the towel closet.  Sometimes under the bed, or behind the Paul Revere project she made a while back.  Or sometimes, it is something like this:

This one night she was hiding under the bed, but for emphasis, she had all this stuff stacked up in front of the bottom of the bed.  Or maybe she's hiding over here:

She actually was hiding here this time, but sometimes she'll leave a "trick pile" somewhere so Daddy has to look there mistakenly, and then find her elsewhere.

It's usually pretty funny regardless, this game of hide-and-seek we play each night.  And yes, there is reading, prayer, and zerberts too!

We were filming for SX17 once again today, although this time we were filming the host videos, which are sort of introductory videos for each day.  Rather dull in comparison to super heroes and comics, but they're essential to the whole deal.  We film them in the official studio for Free Chapel, using the nicer equipment, so it all comes out pretty good.

We had to get a few props for this one though, and as it is a superhero series, that meant we got to go to the comic book store to get some props!  We've been hitting the comic book store a lot more recently, especially for the "Poe Dameron" comics.

Madison had enrichment after school today, working on a group project involving bubbles.  That was the best she could do in describing it.  It was a big thing that had bubbles.  Well... I guess we'll have to wait and see on this one!

Oh, wait a minute.  There's something else big that happened today:  SODAPALOOZA.  Already, Daddy has refilled his cup twice.  Yep.  This is the start of the big season of free drinks at RaceTrac, and he got Madison a pink cup, and Ye-Ye his very own red cup.  We're armed and ready to go.  Madison's favorite weapon of choice lately has been the Arnold Palmer half-and-half tea, and Daddy's inaugural drink was the vitamin water, although the slushies are looking pretty tempting!  Madison was so excited to get her cup - it's a big deal.  Now until July 31st, the two of us will have mandatory stops at the gas station for free refills.  It has begun!

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