Friday, April 28, 2017

Side Walk

Madison had a hysterical commentary about a sidewalk today.  There was this Bethel Music conference at the church, and Daddy was actually leaving the office with Mommy and Madison in the car.  This was a few hours before the event, but they were setting things up inside, and as Daddy was driving on the road slowly out of the parking lot, there were a few people walking towards the church in the middle of the road.  They weren't crossing it.  They were just meandering down the middle of the road, at which point Madison points out, "It's called a sidewalk people.  Side, as in to the side.  And then walk."  This was hilarious to us!

She's been a bit stressed today, having to do quite a bit of piano practice, lots more than she's accustomed to.  Basically, she's playing "Pachelbel's Canon in D" about twenty times per day, which means she's getting better and better each day, but it also means that by the time we're done with this recital, none of us will want to hear the song ever again!

We did some work on Summer Xtreme today, as well as put the finishing touches on the Neverland series.  It's an interesting configuration with a large cast, a limited amount of microphones (8-9), and a volunteer cast that shifts with vacations, illnesses and so forth.  Fortunately, our Captain Hook and Peter Pan have been very committed all the way through.

As a reward for so much piano practice tonight, we watched "At World's End," which for Madison was her first time seeing the green flash, the Pirate Lords Who Don't Do Anything, and the amazingly unsatisfying and unhappy ending for Will and Elizabeth.  And I suppose Davy Jones didn't have the best ending either, but from what I understand, Will and Elizabeth will be in part five, so we'll see if they use some creative writing to make all those "Pirates" fans like us happy.

It was a good day outside today, although we did a lot of work inside.  Mommy was catching up on the inside of the house, working on cleaning the garage from the yard sale for starters.  We have some gardening work soon, with more mulch and lawn work ahead.  But the best strategy is to do it one step at a time.  Sort of like the piano practice!

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