Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stormy Weather

All was well at the beach until a pretty strong storm blew in.  It looked as if it were going to stay north, but then things took a turn southward, and soon enough, we were feeling the strong winds and rainy weather.  And it stayed with us for quite some time, a cooler day with a strong wind.  Later on, things were clear, but we still had a good day with other plans.

We still made the best of our time.  In fact, even while it was pouring outside, Madison and Daddy used the indoor pool downstairs for a while, playing frisbee and "yes and no."  The room is warm and the water is heated, so it was actually pretty nice.  That's two days in a row for swimming, so Madison has got to be happy.

We went inside afterwards, and pretty soon we were playing a game of LIFE, based on the path of a Jedi.  Or, a Sith in some cases.  Daddy once was a Sith Wookie, but not today.  Madison won today's round, but this goes back and forth:  next time, revenge will belong to the Sith!

It was also Taco Tuesday, so Daddy went to the nearby Public to get the right food items, and we had ourselves a few tacos later on.  While Daddy was out though, he also got a surprise for Madison:  "Rogue One."  Yes, we watched that one tonight with Madison, seeing it for the first time since in the theater.  In fact, it was released today, so you can tell how anxious everyone was to see it.

We read some more from our Bible, and from the devotional and also from "Sins of the Fathers."  It appears as if the Royal Navy is involved, as is the sinister East India Trade Company.  We said our prayers, thankful for protection through the storms, and keeping a weary eye on the forecast up in North Georgia.  Hopefully things will be okay up there as well.

Tonight after Madison went to bed, Daddy and Mommy got caught up on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." over the past two episodes, and then saw the latest episode that came out.  Madison was insistent that we update her tomorrow morning, as she's quite the follower of each of the agents.  She knows who most of them are, and she'll be asking for that weekly update now each Wednesday morning!

The wind is dying down outside.  Daddy wrote this upcoming weekend's skit for KidPak today, and our adventures in Neverland should be once again full of fun and laughter.  It's late though, and time for a good night's rest here.  We're getting lots of rest here, and that's a good thing.

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