Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Tonight we stopped for a bit of education on the topic of all things Sinbad.  And Ray Harryhausen.  As we've been gearing up for the "Arabian Nights" with Madison's piano recital, at the end of each class, Mrs. Pam reads a bit from the 1001 Arabian nights, just as Scheherazade would tell them (in a kid-friendly way), including the brutal cliffhanger that makes you want to come back next time to find out what happens next.  In today's tale, the fisherman who let out a demon from a bottle is made wealthy due to his cleverness, and as he goes to meet the king, he also meets a sailor named Sinbad.  That being said, we got home and decided tonight's movie would be the classic from 1958, "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad."  We had the popcorn all set up, and immediately started remembering all the epic monsters, including that hapless Cyclops.  The poor thing just wants to keep his treasure, and all these petty humans keep coming in to steal from him.  It's like ants wanting to ruin his picnic or something.  Sinbad knows better, but of course there wouldn't be a movie if there weren't a bad guy that wants to go around and mess with everything.  

There are two more of these Sinbad movies, and we'll probably watch them soon, just because.  It was fun talking about Ray Harryhausen again too, as the guy was a legend.  Daddy just loved all his movies, and from the looks of things, a lot of famous directors were inspired by his work.  We were talking about that with Madison, the whole stop-motion animation thing again.  Considering this was a 1958 movie, it's pretty amazing what he could do.

Today was the second day of Milestones testing, and Madison felt like she did good with it.  Not much else goes on this week, and there's no homework, so that's good.  Mommy and Daddy were doing quite a bit outside, and even Nana and Ye-Ye were over to help out in the front yard and with the yard sale stuff.  We're having our yard sale on Saturday, along with the rest of the neighborhood, hoping to move some of the furniture and items from Grandma's collection.  The further hope is to raise enough to help Madison's cousin Jonathan, so he can go on a mission trip to Central America this summer.  Hopefully the whole family will be there, and it will be a fun morning selling items for the missions trip.

We read from Daddy's "Weird Science" devotional tonight, one that has a Periodic Table of Elements in the back.  Each day is dedicated to a different element, and Madison is pretty interested in the different ones we were talking about tonight.  And of course, there was Jack Sparrow.  It appears as if we're gearing up for a big battle with Captain Torrents, once and for all.  We'll see how things turn out, but not tomorrow night because it's a church night!  It'll have to wait until Thursday...

Okay, it's late, and it's time to watch "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."  That's Mommy and Daddy time, and we're quite concerned with the turn some characters have taken as of late.  Hopefully we'll have a less tragic sort of episode tonight.  Goodnight!

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