Saturday, April 15, 2017


So here we are at the great Eggstravaganza!  We put together an amazing egg hunt today at the church, with something like 12,000 eggs.  Seriously.  We had 12,000 filled eggs today.  This is crazy.  But isn't as crazy as having an egg hunt at a church with construction going on and virtually no lawn area whatsoever.  Still, we pulled it off with the limited real estate available, and it was a great time for Madison and all the other kids that were here.  She was jumping on all the inflatables, sliding down that towering slide, riding ponies, holding bunny rabbits, holding baby chicks too.  She was even eating from a food truck!  After that, Daddy got her a icee as well, because the weather was pretty warm today.  But the main event was the egg hunt itself.  There were a few different waves for kids of different ages.  And Madison got to go twice.  She was really proud of herself, gathering fourteen eggs or so in her bag.  She did great, at one point, sitting in a corner inside and counting her candy loot.  Yes, it's another one of these holidays with lots of candy.

As for Daddy, he sat around most of the day.  You can see him below with Madison:

Here's a picture of Madison and Daddy from today.  Yeah, Daddy was the Easter Bunny today.  This was insanely hot.  But the kids loved it, as evidenced by the relentless line that lasted a few hours.  Afterwards, Daddy went inside and just sat in the air conditioning for a while, drinking down as much water as he could.

It was a huge success though, which on one hand we can all be very proud of it.  On the other hand, that probably means we have to do it again next year!  Still, we have a good blueprint on how to go about doing this, and we didn't really have any serious challenges along the way.  We really overthought this one, planning out the locations of things, plotting where to put what volunteers, what music is to be played, how to distribute eggs, and all of the other issues that popped up.  We were ready for it all.  We even remembered to turn off the lawn sprinklers.  That would have been funny if we didn't though...!

After the Eggstravaganza, Madison and Daddy went over to the North Campus for round two of the filming for Summer Xtreme video.  Daddy was a lab scientist once again, and behind the scenes, Madison was taking some pictures as a photojournalist!

Here's a picture Madison took of the main villain of the movie.  His name is Titan, and he's got quite a presence.  He sends all the lab people scurrying off in terror.  Here he is with the filming crew below, in another picture that Madison took using her iPad mini:

Amy is holding the boom while Josh holes the camera.  Pastor Lance is our main villain, and there's our lab assistant and old friend Briana in for a cameo!  Also appearing as a scientist is our friend Calvin, who also of course is a superhero.  Below, you can see us doing our latest experiment, something we call Science Jenga.

Madison was having fun snapping pictures of all of us, collecting them on her iPad mini for posterity.  Here's one more before we move on...

Briana treats Madison so well, but she treats everyone so well.  We have a lot of wonderful friends at the church.

One of the other things that Madison was doing while we were filming here was this:  playing pool.  Yep, there was another pool table or two there, so she was doing a bit of practice with her shots there.  Also nearby was a video game console that allows you to play the some old 80's games like Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, Dig Dug and more.  Madison played Mrs. Pac-Man first for a while, and then tried her hand at Dig Dug.  Daddy was with her for that last one, playing as well.  We were doing well, and in fact got the high score on the gaming console!

We got home later, and boy we were tired.  Still, we thought popcorn would hit the spot, so we popped in a movie, "Aladdin and the King of Thieves," which is a short one.  It's also a good one, with a return of Robin Williams as the Genie.  We sat for a bit watching that, and then it was off to bed for prayers, reading of the devotional, and of course the start of a new Jack Sparrow book called "Bold New Horizons."

We had a pretty full day though, obviously!  And we're all pretty zonked.  Time for bed!

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