Sunday, April 23, 2017

Quarter Given

Another weekend in Neverland, although things are starting to come to a close.  This weekend, we bid farewell to Wendy for the time being.  Remember, there's no such thing as "Goodbye" in Neverland.  Madison and her fellow Lost Boys and Indians are determined to get to the Jolly Roger to rescue Rufio and Tinkerbell, and a lesson is learned along the way about having faith, trust, and something else as well...

And here's Daddy as a pirate once more, hosting our pirate races beforehand.  We were off to go find Captain Hook, after his humiliating defeat a few weeks ago with all those kids in the audience yelling out, "Tick, tick, tick!"  We had ourselves a bit of pirating today, a theme that continued unexpectedly into the afternoon.  Arrr...

It was a great morning at KidPak, and another great service for the kids.  As usual, Madison was with the audience for the message portion, where Joey shared with the kids a Bible story about Abraham, and about walking in faith, and counting the dust.  Not pixie dust, of course.

In the afternoon, we were cleaning up a bit from yesterday.  Madison is improving with her piano practice for the recital, and we were collecting items for Mrs. Pam's "Arabian Nights" theme. 

We've been reading a lot today, with the latest "Poe Dameron" comics that Madison has to see, but also the elements devotional that Daddy wrote, along with the "Descendants:  Return to the Isle of the Lost" book.  It's a bigger book, so we're doing a couple chapters a day.  Despite that, we'll be on this one for a bit.  Madison got this for Christmas, and we're just now getting to it, due to the binge-reading of the Jack Sparrow book.  But don't worry - we'll pick up with the next Jack Sparrow books soon enough.  After the initial series, there is another book about Billy Turner, and then about five with the Brethren Court.  Madison is very much into the pirates now, so much so that we re-watched the original "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie tonight, and plan on going through the following three over the next month some time, leading up to the one we'll see in theaters. 

One short we watched tonight was something called "Tales of the Code:  Wedlocked," which was an entertaining short that explained a few things leading up to the actual first movie.  It's only about ten minutes long, but Madison and Mommy got a kick out of it.

Speaking of getting a kick out of something, Nana dropped by with some coins this afternoon.  No, they weren't cursed coins.  These were state quarters, and quite a few of the park quarters as well.  Madison immediately went to plug these into her maps she has, the ones with spots to press in those quarters.  Even better, all these were in mint condition, nice and shiny.  It took a bit of time to find each place for each quarter, but she's got quite a few of them now.  It's not a complete collection, but she's certainly well on her way!

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