Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Back off. We're Scientists."

This morning we had a fantastic service about that crocodile, "Tick-Tock."  The clock is winding down for Captain Hook, and judgment is on the way.  Who can save us from the clock, and the jaws of death?  Who else but Jesus.

It was a great morning for the skit, with pirates, Lost boys and Indians, plus Peter Pan and Hook.  The kids had a great time, and Madison had a few lines on stage too.  She had this great moment, scaring off all the pirates on stage, and later starting the chant of "Tick-Tock" that the audience would join in on and eventually frighten off Captain Hook.

After church, Daddy had to go back to filming, and that was the rest of the day and into the late night hours.  We're filming for Summer Xtreme, today being the first big day for filming.  Daddy's role was a cameo, a scientist.  Here he is with just a few of the other associates from V Tech Labs.

We did a lot of filming today, filming our villains and using all kinds of different places to make things look like a lab area.  Here you can see a blue screen being used so we can replace the backdrop.

That's Ensley as a villainous, ready to steal a valuable material called ultracite.  She's ready to kick around some scientists, unfortunately!  It's a good thing Mary Shannon was here to help keep track of the script, and protect those scientists!

Here's Josh below, directing Ensley, who is holding the ultracite.  We did this all last year, but we started a little later, so we're ahead of time for now.  Things went smoothly today with no worries about scheduling, although it did go late for some of us.  But everyone's excited about the project.

Here's a bit of the filming crew.  Chris is holding the boom, something Daddy did from time to time.  And seated towards the back is Amy, Josh's sister, who was helping with props and costuming.

Here's another shot of the bad guys below.  This isn't all of them, but the ones that were featured in today's scene.  Madison will be seeing more of them soon enough!

Madison was at home for all of this, although she wanted to come along for the filming.  Next time, I told her.  She was working on her piano, and helping Mommy pack things up from the trip.  We're back, and it was good to get some rest, and recover.  Speaking of which, today was a day that Daddy needs to recover from - it was about a fourteen hour work day, and it's time to hit the sack, like right now!

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