Monday, April 10, 2017

Here we go again...

The weather is wonderful - except for perhaps the excessive pollen.  But we're out weeding and getting things ready while we sniffle and down our allergy medication.  Ugh!  This season is pretty, but it gets you sniffing and snorting, all three of us!

We dropped Madison off for ballet and jazz today, a return to form, so to speak.  All the kids were a little tired coming out of Spring Break, but there are just a few weeks left of the season until the recital, so everyone has lots to do to focus on getting all that right.  Madison has two performances in the recital, and is excited about both jazz and the ballet performance.

Daddy was out getting lots of mulch today.  It was Mulch Day!  We wait for the price to go to one point, but it didn't quite make it there yet this year.  It did get close enough though, so Daddy made a few trips to grab some bags of mulch.  Later this week, we'll be getting our front yard nice and pretty for the new season.

We did some grocery shopping while Madison was dancing, and a bit of work preparing for the Easter baskets we intend to put together this week.  Madison's basket stuff was prepared months ago, so we're ready for that one.

Not as much time today when we got home.  We played some more from "Finding Dory" in Disney Infinity, almost wrapping that game's story line up.  That's the last one for Disney Infinity though.  There are a few other LEGO themed games out there, but no more toys-to-life games for us, thank you.

Anyway, we went to bed reading and praying as always, concluding a day that was pretty much everyone getting back to normal.  It was a good vacation, but now here we are in crunch time with recitals, testing, Summer Xtreme and Easter.  Time to get to work!

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