Sunday, April 2, 2017

Like a Rocket

And here we were in Neverland again.  The cast has just exploded, becoming the largest cast we've ever had at KidPak.  Captain Hook has a proper crew now, with Mr. Starkey on board, along with Sharky and Bones, Bill Jukes and of course Mr. Smee.  Here are a few of them down below.

Yes, that's Daddy to the right.  Josh and Joey joined the crew, and we even had a pirate-themed race earlier, one that these two hosted.  As such, they had minimal lines in the production, to helming Captain Hook out a bit in more ways than one.

And the Lost Boys and Indians were freed from the clutches of the pirates, which all worked out well for them.  They've decided to go rescue Wendy, Jane and Tikerbell from the Jolly Roger.  But how did they get rescued?

"It has happened before, and it will happen again."  Peter Pan once again threw his voice, giving a perfect imitation of Captain Hook.  The pirates fell for it, and were convinced they had to release everyone.  Furthermore, they all had to dance and squawk like a Neverbird:

It was a great morning at KidPak, so full of life with videos, and a fantastic message about remembering who we are (in the movie "Hook," Peter forgets who he is, and allows the enemy to walk all over him, stealing what he treasures most.  But he is empowered when he remembers who he is, and begins to fly again).  It all started out with a great worship portion first thing:

This has been such a magical series.  Everyone has enjoyed it so much, adults included.  And we've got new, fresh faces on stage.  Our Peter Pan has been great, and is such a personal fan of Peter Pan and Neverland that he seemed like an obvious choice.

So as promised, after church, we left the parking lot and headed south.  Because of the late departure, the idea was to get as far as we could, probably somewhere in South Georgia.  But we just kept driving, because aside from some restless feet, Daddy wasn't really that tired.  He was well-rested.  So we stopped at a few rest areas along the journey, and had remarkable favor for the quick and easy trip down.  Of course, by "quick," we don't mean it was terribly speedy or anything.  In fact, we got down to Daytona at about 10:30 pm.  But it wasn't too late, and we weren't too tired.  We got down here like a rocket.  And speaking of Rocket, look who we spotted in a tree at that last rest area before Daytona:

It's Rocket Racoon!  This guy had climbed up a little bit further, and was actually lower a few moments earlier when Madison and Mommy came out.  He was pretty big too.  We didn't get too close for fear of recreating that scene from "Elf."  Madison pointed out that Buddy shouldn't have gotten too close either, and it's actually good advice with Raccoons.  Some are aggressive, and even carry heavy weaponry too!

So here we are again at the beach.  Again.  We went out at the balcony and saw the dark ocean waves roaring forth, a strong wind tonight too.  Storms are supposed to batter Georgia tomorrow, and we might see some of that this week down here.  But everyone is well down here, and we're delighted to see Ba-Ba recovering at an incredible pace.  He almost looks like nothing happened at all, that's how well he's doing.  He's up and about, and fit as a fiddle.  This brought us all great joy.

We read a little, and prayed and said thanks to God for a safe and smooth journey.  Mommy and Madison are happy to be here again!

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