Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pet Rocks

It's Easter week, and that being said, there's a lot going on.  Tonight, one of Daddy's projects for the kids was something he and Mommy came up with.  It's a recap of what Palm Sunday is all about:

The kids all made their own pet rocks, and used the glue dots to fix these rocks to the picture Daddy made above.  They all turned out great, although some of the boys were insistent that their larger rocks have more than two eyes.

It was a rather busy day today, with preparation for all kinds of things, such as class or the college class tomorrow, and of course this weekend's Eggstravaganza.  In other news, Madison watched tonight "The Return of Jafar," continuing our mini-movie marathon based on movies from the Mid-East.  We've done "The Thief and the Cobbler" thus far, and we're doing the Aladdin movies.  But not far on the horizon are the Ray Harryhausen movies with Sinbad - Daddy can't wait to see these again!  Not sure if she's ready for "Prince of Persia" yet, but those are just a few to keep us in the theme of "Arabian Nights," something Mrs. Pam is still working on for the piano recital.

One wonderful thing that happened today is the registration for Madison to a camp at the Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet.  It'll be a week-long adventure, one where Madison will be kayaking to see manatees, flopping up the shore like a sea turtle, visiting the marine hospital, seeing all kinds of animals, and the most famous things thus far:  dissecting a squid, and dissecting owl poop.  Yes, these are the sorts of things that captivate a child's imagination!  But seriously, she is looking forward to this quite a bit, and of course we are too, knowing the educational experiences that await.  It's such a unique opportunity, and with Nana and Ba-Ba so close to that location, it's an opportunity we couldn't resist.

Madison made one of those pet rocks tonight, selecting her favorite rock out of the bag and creating a new friend to remind her of Luke 19:40.  Daddy has that very scripture on a brick in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta right now.  It's a great scripture, one we'll be talking about in college tomorrow, along with a few other things...!

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