Thursday, April 6, 2017

Little Urchin

We were back at the Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet today, and one of the primary reasons is to find out about their summer camp.  We picked up some information about that, and while we were there, why not do a bit of visiting?

Here's Madison holding an urchin!  She was holding a few creatures from the 'touch tank' there at the side.  She also got to use two fingers to pet a ray that glided by.  Of course, the whole 'touch tank' thing is funny now, having seen "Finding Dory."  In that movie, it's a place of terror!  Here's Madison, adding to the terror...

The rays seem to like being pet, although there might be a conditional thing where they're expecting food or something.  Regardless, it's a unique experience.  At least, it's unique if you're not from Florida.  

Here's Madison looking in one of the tanks of fish, but one of the nicer moments came when we were outside in the 'turtle hospital.'

We were watching them care for various sea turtles while we were there, something we didn't see last time.  This included one turtle getting a great big shot.  Ouch!  He didn't seem to mind.  Not like I would have.  Also, other turtles were examined and placed in shallow pools to see how they do on their own.  Madison, Mommy and Daddy were sitting there watching all the turtles, and finding out what was wrong with each, and finding out their names as well.  This batch of turtles are all related to older rock band names.  This explains why a turtle named E.L.O. was released last week!  We saw turtles named Bangles, Journey, Hansen, and even Pink Floyd, all under medical care at the facility.

It was a nice visit, and hopefully we'll be able to get Madison signed up for the summer camp they have this July.

We went on their nature walk after the science center visit, and walked along a boardwalk through the  wooded area to an observation deck there that let you overlook a bit of Ponce Inlet.  You could see the lighthouse clearly from there as well, along with scores of little lizards that seem to run the place. The weather was just perfect too, by the way.

Getting back home, we revisited the pool again, playing frisbee in the pool, and also some more of that game "Yes or No."  We were there for a good bit, and when were were done, we dried off on the balcony, reading from our respective books.  Daddy is currently reading one about the election of 2016, one that Mommy got him.  Madison is reading about her Weird School again.  Those books keep getting put out, and now we have three to backtrack to see if we can find.  Madison still enjoys reading them.

We did this great optic experiment from Tinker Crate after this.  Madison built a pair of goggles that allows the viewer to see to separate but identical images, creating a 3D effect.  Daddy was a bit sunburned this week, so it was good to stay out of the sunlight here, which is another reason why we picked up where we left off yesterday with Mexican Train.  Everyone loves that game!

Before bed, Madison lost yet another tooth!  This seems to be a common theme here - she loses teeth away from home quite frequently.  Once she lost a tooth at Daytona, and another time, on a Disney Cruise!  Regardless, we'll have to wait and see what the Tooth Fairy brings tomorrow.  Madison has never been let down!

We went to bed reading from Exodus, from our devotional, and Jack Sparrow's dad, Captain Teague.  We said our prayers, on our minds the news that our nation launched some missiles at an airport in Syria.  Big news there, possibly.  Hopefully this can come to a peaceful end, but when things involve the Middle East, that sort of ending is rare.

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