Monday, April 17, 2017


Ballet/Jazz was tonight, as you can see here.  Daddy and Mommy did grocery shopping while Madison and her friends were practicing their final positions, doing run-throughs of the entire performances time and again.  Madison said her legs were pretty sore - as were all the girls' legs - from one particular move.  She demonstrated this move for us later, and yeah, you can see it causing a bit of soreness if repeated over and over again.

We finally got our taxes done today, and yes, there's a bit of a refund.  It's always such a sobering day to see how much you pay in the first place.  All these Statue of Liberty costumes this time of year though, standing on street corners advertising for folks that do your taxes for you.  It's been a growing trend over the past years, more and more Statue of Liberties standing out there on street corners, waving at you or aggressively waving signs at you.

Within a few years, the streets will be absolutely infested.  We may have to get some sort of spray.

Today was the first day of the Milestones testing, but Madison wasn't stressed at all about it.  She's pretty confident, or at least pretty stress-free about it.  She said she did pretty well though, and the rest of the day was pretty quiet at school.  The schools are pretty paranoid about test season, with signs telling everyone to be super quiet in the halls, notes about sleep patterns, and best of all:  no homework!

We had a visit to the dentist today, Mommy and Daddy.  We did great, and it went well getting down there too.  Although we weren't deep in the heart of Atlanta, we were more in the suburbs than we've been recently, and with the bridge collapse of I-85, we were thinking things might be a challenge.  But not so much.  Still, things have been tough for Atlanta, as the roads have seen even more challenges.  Much has been said about "a curse" on the area, and the question posed:  what was done to invoke such a curse?  We have a small idea, of course, and it has nothing to do with the plague of Statue of Liberties swarming about.

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