Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Clay Pizza

Madison returned to enrichment today after school, once again signed up for art class.  They were working with clay today, making clay pizza.  The basic idea is a pizza pie, and then the various shapes for the toppings.  Sadly, they could not eat these pizzas.  But they were serving them to various golems that showed up at the school, all part of some fund raiser because as you know, golems are rather wealthy.

Daddy was in class tonight with the kids, while Madison was playing games, playing piano, and playing the part of a studious little girl with her homework.  We did read a bit tonight, although it was rather short.  We saw the end of Captain Torrents, who had the grave misfortune of falling overboard into the open sea.  While this is generally not fatal, the fact that there were a bunch of ravenous mermaid and mermen creatures down there... that was.  And so, we're approaching the end of our twelve book saga, although the piracy theme in this house seems to be at fever pitch.  Already, there are requests to go through the four movies, all in preparation for the next movie that will be coming out shortly in theaters, part five.  Madison will have to go see that one with us, just to say she saw it in theaters.  Pirates of the Caribbean has such a legacy now, mainly because it was the one movie that lifted the curse on pirate movies in general.  For a time, we all loved pirate movies but they could never get one just right.  "Cutthroat Island" tried very hard to, and it wasn't bad for what it was.  But there's no denying the absolute awesomeness that is the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.  Automatically, a pirate movie gets a +2 on the rolling die when you're giving it a grade, simply because there are pirates in it.  But this movie already was a perfect 10.  So there you go.

Anyway, Madison finished her Milestones testing today, so that milestone is crossed.  She feels like she did rather well with the testing.  She said she finished them all, and went back to check her work, and didn't really have much of a problem with the questions.  We'll see how the results turn out, but we know she'll be fine.  Even if the testing tells us otherwise, we know that she has mastered a lot of the material she's been learning in school this year.  If there's a flaw in the testing, it is because the testing itself is flawed.  Of course, teachers know this already.

Today, Daddy went to Cracker Barrel with the KidPak staff for a meeting of sorts.  Note the delicious Stewart's Orange & Cream at Daddy's place there.  Here are a few of the staff members, before everyone got there.  Pastor Lance there is learning how to do that peg game, the one that calls you an ignoramus if you can't get it right with one peg left.  Daddy has a pattern memorized for this game, and gets it right every time.  Ever the teacher, we had "class" today, learning the peg game at Cracker Barrel.  No more will we be called an ignoramus!

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