Friday, April 21, 2017

Turtley Enough

Madison is always using her markers and colored pencils.  It's one of those things that she does in her spare time, and it's something we don't discourage.  The handheld device is a nice diversion, but when she's creating, it's a wonderful thing to watch.  She devotes a lot of energy to details in coloring, especially with some of those booklets we got her at Christmas time.  They require a lot of detail and time, and she's quite committed when it comes down to it.  This sea turtle drawing was just a random thing she came up with, just off the top of her head.  Perhaps she was inspired by the fact that she's going to camp at the Marine Science Center this summer.  She's also inspired by the fact that she's going to Summer Xtreme a few weeks early in June.  That's coming up relatively soon, and Daddy's in panic mode (as are the other staff members).  We have so much to do, and there are complications. The I-85 bridge collapse is just a tiny complication, one we have to work around if we're going down to the zoo.  But that's just one of many, many, many issues.  Fortunately, one thing is wrapped up, and that issue is the booklets.  Daddy has been proofing like crazy this week - the May booklets alone have around ninety pages to proof.  The Summer Xtreme booklets are another fifty-six pages on top of that.  Daddy has written all of this for this year's HEROES events, and fortunately, he's started earlier in the year, like back in January.

We mentioned that Madison has her own hero, one who goes to school with Xavier's gifted students.  Madison's alter-ego is a hero named Bloom, and this year, she's right there amongst the other fifty-six heroes Daddy wrote a devotional entry about.  In fact, here she is:

“All of you must obey those who rule over you. There are no authorities except the ones God has chosen. Those who now rule have been chosen by God.” Romans 13:1 NIRV 


     If you want to know which hero has a greenest thumb, that would be Bloom. She’s a superhero that can make plants grow at her command, and if you think that’s no big deal, you’ve never been tangled up in an attack of thorny vines. Or found yourself falling asleep from an avalanche of poppies, or struggling to breathe because of a pollen burst. She can tie bad guys up with vines, or create a wall of cactus to hold just about anyone back. The point is this: don’t mess with Bloom.
     But to begin with, Bloom had quite a bit to learn about being a superhero. That’s how she found herself with Professor Charles Xavier, and his school for gifted heroes. She’s spent quite a long time learning how to be a hero, while also learning about some of those other subjects that students need to study. She is at a school, after all!
     With all those gifts, she could have thought she didn’t need to go into that school. But a real hero isn’t like that. No, a real hero knows there’s always something new to learn. The moment you start thinking you know it all is the moment you stop learning anything new.
     Our Heavenly Father wants to lift us up, training us to be the heroes the world needs. To do this, He has put people in our lives to help us: parents, teachers, pastors, and leaders. These people were put in place by God Himself, and when we respect them, we’re respecting God Himself. When we disrespect them... well, you can see where this is going, can’t you? Let’s just put it this way: don’t.
     Those people God has put over us are there to help us grow. And when we submit to them, obey them, and listen to them, each of us will bloom into the hero God wants to see save the world. 

We had egg salad sandwiches today, the legacy of a week that starts out with Easter.  Whereas leftover turkey is the thing to eat after Thanksgiving, this week is always about egg salad sandwiches.  Or at least hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.  Madison does eat those for breakfast, although she isn't a big fan of the yolks.  She eats the egg white, along with toast, sometimes yogurt, sometimes cereal, and always a cup of tea.  Each morning, Mommy wakes us all up to a cup of delicious tea.  Three of us sit there with tea, a right proper way to start the day if you ask me!

Tonight, we went on the "Golden Voyage of Sinbad," the second movie in our Harryhausen series we're binge-watching.  With the mention of Sinbad on Tuesday in music class, we've launched on these voyages just to show Madison the amazing movies we ourselves grew up on.  They've been talking about Greek mythology in school a little bit, so as you can imagine, "Jason and the Argonauts" isn't that far behind.  Along with "Hercules," of course.  We had a big discussion tonight about Roman names for Greek names of various gods and goddesses.  And with all that, a decision to go see a version of "The Odyssey" next year as it comes to the Gainesville Theater Alliance.  Yes, we're getting season tickets again, and soon enough!

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