Friday, November 11, 2016

We Use Antlers in all of our Decorating

GTA has done it again.  The Gainesville Theater Alliance has made going to Atlanta to see a Broadway-style show irrelevant.  Tonight, we went to see "Beauty and the Beast," which was done so remarkably well.

Here's a guy who's especially good at expectorating - and uses antlers in all of his decorating.  The cast was perfect, including the guy who played Gaston.  The cast was very talented, the costumes just right, and the sets were spot on.  We went to see this same play at the Fox Theater in 2011.  And it was nearly identical.  The point is, we don't have to drive down to Atlanta anymore to see great performances.  We've always been okay with lower budgets and smaller, more intimate plays - but this performance and the one of Mary Poppins we saw here last year were simply incredible.

Oh, and look who else was there!  Camille was at the play tonight, which made Madison super happy.  we didn't sit together, but again, it's a smaller theater and it's not that big of a distance to cover.

Here's one more picture of Madison and Camille... and Daddy too.  We sat up in the balcony, and the view was dead center, and just right.  It was a great night!

Earlier in the day, Daddy was helping with the Wisdom Club's annual Thanksgiving meal.  It's a big deal at the church, with many people coming from all over to enjoy time together, and good food too.  Daddy got to eat some turkey early, and that's never a bad thing.

Meanwhile, Madison was at school - indoors though.  The smoke is less intense today, but still present. The fires still burn, and the belief is that some were actually started by arsons in the North Georgia Mountains.  That's so sad.  The air and land is so dry, and we're so desperate for rain, praying more for it now than ever before. 

Anyway, it was a beast of a day.  We got home later, read just a tiny bit... and went to bed.  Everyone was ready to rest.  We went to sleep singing "Human Again" over and over again, because you know... this week it seems to fit and all.

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