Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Día de Tacos

Okay, so can you believe it?  Tonight we finished up two of our Christmas trees.  Yes, it's only November 1st, but the thinking here is that we're so busy in the season and it takes so long to put up all these trees and decorations.  So why not bring them up a little earlier?  We started actually a bit yesterday, but November 1st is really the first day you can legally have a tree up.  Anything earlier, and you've got pumpkins and trees at the same time, and anyone who has seen "Nightmare Before Christmas" knows that these two holidays don't quite mix well.

So tonight, Madison put up her pink tree in the corner of her room - it's a new spot for the tree, and it also serves as a nightlight.  Daddy and Madison drove out to the Wal-Mart in Dawsonville to get new lights for it.  Last year's lights were 'cool' lights, and we're not big fans of those.  We bought a strand of fifty 'warm' lights with a white cord, so the tree will look pretty good.

On the ride, we listened to "Pecos Bill," which was read by Robin Williams.  Still miss that guy, and it's still hard to believe he's gone.  We really enjoyed hearing him telling us the story on the way to and on the way back.  It's a slightly different variation - I think this tall tale is always going to be slightly different though.  Each version has him lassoing a tornado, and Sue riding in on a 53 foot long catfish.  It's a fun tall tale.  We've been listening to that one, and then the story of Annie Oakley, which of course isn't a tall tale at all.

We got back, and spent the rest of the night decorating our Christmas trees.  Madison's looks nice now - we'll post a picture of that later on.  The Star Wars tree was the other one we did.  This one is up on the top floor.  Daddy placed the Death Star on the top, and all the other spaceships and characters around the tree - it's looking nice.  I think that this year we might get some more Star Wars ornaments for the tree though.  Daddy put the Jawa facing Madison's room as she walks out, since she was a Jawa for our "Spirit Awakens" series.

There are lots of great ornaments on that tree, and Madison's too.  The fun of decorating is the discovery of each ornament hidden away, and the memories that come with it.  Madison has a Winter the Dolphin ornament, and one from the movie "Brave," and a few others too.  There's one from the "Festival of the Nativity" that we've been to a couple times.  And of course a few ballerina ones as well.  On the Star Wars tree, we've got Star Wars ornaments that go back to 1997 or so, ones that Daddy had before he even met Mommy.  The Star Wars tree was a great way to relieve some of the congestion on our main tree - that one should be going up later on this week.

Madison decorated hers on her own though, and looked forward to doing it.  We got home from piano, and were off and running the rest of the night with some Christmas-related fun.  Obviously, today was Taco Tuesday, so there was that.  But it was also Día de Muertos.  So we called today Día de Tacos.

We've been practicing words for the spelling bee along the way.  Madison is pretty close to mastering the fifth-grade list (at which point we move on to sixth-grade, seventh-grade, and eight-grade).  Again, we're just proud of her for winning her class!  We're also nervous for her as she moves forward in competition.  We don't want to be parents that pressure her too much, but we've been helping her study, always mindful to make sure she really wants to do this or that. 

We finished "George's Marvelous Medicine" tonight, and the ending had us all laughing.  Again, it has a wicked sense of humor, so keep all this in mind if you plan on reading it to younger ones.  Let's just say that grumpy adults usually get what's coming to them.  Ah, if only these Roald Dahl rules applied to those campaigning for election this season.  How many candidates would be left?

Anyway, we read from our devotional, and we prayed together as always.  We prayed for the nation, and we prayed for rain.  The lake level is plummeting downward, and things don't look well for farmers.  We said goodnight, and left the room with our usual zerberts and calls out: "love you."  Then we left the room, illuminated by the pink tree with warm Christmas lights.

After Madison was in bed, we watched "Star in the Night" again, which was a surprise we discovered last year's Christmas season.  So yeah, we're even starting Christmas movies early this year!  This one is related to cowboys, or at least the three Wise Men in this movie are cowboys, the way it is all set up.  This is a little bit of research, as we're going to continue our cowboy series into the December month.  But at the same time, there's a bit of the Christmas spirit already infecting our house.  Sure, it's fall and there's Thanksgiving coming up.  Those are the holidays when you say "Happy Holidays."  The time from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day is just one big fun holiday time of celebration.  So why not extend it a bit?

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