Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Today was Thanksgiving.  It was a morning that Mommy got to watch the Thanksgiving Parade with us upstairs - we snuggled in bed and watched the whole thing.  Mommy is usually so busy preparing food that she misses out on this.  But this morning was special, and it was well deserved!  For three hours, we sat there under the blankets and watched all the different balloons, bands and floats go by.  It looked like a nice day in New York.  Right there at the end, there was Santa again, starting off officially the Christmas season.  Oh boy, and here we are off and running, right?

We had a little time after that to get ready.  Mommy got some cooking done, and within an hour, we were out the door and on our way to Aunt Shain's house.  Everything was just right there.  The house was decorated nicely, and the smells of Thanksgiving filled the house.  We came with hearty appetites, and there was so much food there that leftovers are inevitable.

This is the first Thanksgiving without Dave.  It wasn't really mentioned, of course.  He was very sick last Thanksgiving, so that meal may have been one he missed as well.  But we have pictures from two Thanksgivings ago, when he was with us at our place.  So much can change, and so fast.

This new house that Shain is in is very nice.  It is spacious and simply perfect for her family.  The three kids are growing up fast, and each one is smart and responsible.  They are blessed, and it was so nice to see things going so well for her.  Shain herself is finishing a semester of school now, and should be starting some new employment soon.  She's about to make great strides in life, and see things turn around dramatically.  We're so happy for her.

Madison's great grandmother was there once again too - and she seems to be doing well.  She has some sore muscles, and of course the election didn't quite go the way she wanted, but the dining area was a "not politics" zone (as posted by a sign on the wall).  So we talked about anything but that, which meant talk of travels out west, to Yellowstone and beyond.  Ye-Ye wants to go back with the whole family.  It could happen.  I wish we had an Airstream like Grandpa had!

Anyway, we had a lot of conversation, and a lot of time together.  At one point, the kids went downstairs and played video games like "Meat Boy," and board games like "Haunted Mansion LIFE."  Meanwhile, the grown-ups talked of the year that's gone by and the year that's upcoming.

The food was delicious.  The turkey was just right, as was the stuffing.  Mommy ate without worry, and didn't suffer any problems later due to hidden gluten or extra fat or whatever.  Daddy was having some trouble, but that's because his eyes were bigger than his stomach.  Of course, the gall bladder thing played a part in his trouble, but again, we're thankful because there's a solution to his health issues, and soon we'll be back to 100%.

We had to go home some time, so after desserts, we said our goodbyes and headed back home.  Aunt Shain did a very nice job hosting Thanksgiving in their new home this year.  We had a wonderful time.

We got home, and Madison got to try out our new magic wand that lights up the tree.  The thing makes this magical noise as you press the button on the wand.  The star lights up on the wand, and then the tree lights up as well.  It's pretty funny!

We watched the newer "Miracle on 34th Street" tonight, which Madison liked a little better.  This may be because this movie starred the girl that played "Matilda."  But it really is a good movie too.  We can't pick a favorite ourselves - we like both the oldest version, and this newer one too.  Daddy pointed out that Santa Claus is the same guy who funded Jurassic Park.  Spared no expense!

Changes are being made to this blog as we write this.  No longer can our cell phone or main computer add entries or make changes.  This will limit our ability to add pictures, unfortunately.  Which is a shame, because Daddy took a few good ones of the Thanksgiving meal today.  At least we have this iPad mini upon which we can still make entries.  This blog has been up and going for quite a few years now.  It's been quite a run, and just something to be thankful for.

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