Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sixth Annual KidPak Office Thanksgiving

Here's quite a group, nearly all the folks who showed up for this year's annual KidPak Office Thanksgiving.  What a wonderful occasion it was!

Here's Josh, preparing his turkey as always.  He made it especially for Mommy, who can't eat everything here because of gluten content.  Josh made gluten-free brownies, and a nice potato salad as well.  He was really thoughtful as always!

It's a pretty simple affair:  people show up with a dish, or maybe they just show up.  Either way, we all say a prayer of thanksgiving, and then dig in,enjoying each other's company!

Madison was with us this time around, and she of course had a great time.  There were so many family and friends this year, the largest group we've had for this occasion.  It was really nice.

The rest of the day was spent doing a bit of work, but we didn't have a service tonight at Free Chapel.  Everyone could go home and spend time with family, which is what we did, of course.  There are a few other things we're doing in preparation for the Christmas play and the new Christmas-themed series at KidPak.  Daddy is busy writing, writing, writing.  Meanwhile, Mommy is dealing with costuming and props.  Daddy had to go tonight to be there for the Christmas play practice, and while there he wrote a bit for the devotional upcoming.  The deadline looms, but we should barely make it in time.  There is a lot to do over the next two weeks, but the thing we keep telling ourselves is that after the Nutcracker and the Christmas play, we'll be able to enjoy the Christmas season a bit more, relaxing and savoring it.  Until then, we've got plenty to do.  Go, go, go!

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