Friday, November 4, 2016

Pedal Power

The tree is almost done - we were putting on decorations tonight.  It takes a while to get this great room tree decorated!  I think we got about half the ornaments on tonight, and should finish up tomorrow, with the final tree in the front room there done by Sunday night hopefully.  Not bad, considering it should all be done by November 6th.  That's pretty amazing, actually.  It all looks great so far.  Tonight we were watching "Babes in Toyland" as we put ornaments up.  We had the popcorn and the couch, and that's all you need.  Daddy really likes this old movie.  I think the scene with Ed Wynn and the exploding invention drags on a bit, but the rest of the movie is gold.  We love Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon.  Speaking of which, we'll have to drag out all the "Zorro" DVDs we have.  Those will be fun to watch again!

Okay, as Daddy put ornaments up.  Madison and Mommy were sitting there on the couch, snuggling together as Daddy was putting up one after the other.  It's a bit of a process, but what fun it is when we see one ornament we forgot about, or another that springs to mind some place we've visited in the past. Madison loves the "Corpse Bride" ornament, that plays a bit of the piano duet from the movie itself.  Daddy smiled to see Herbie, Alice, Jack Sparrow, and the hedgehog ornaments Mommy likes so much.

And in case you didn't know what holiday was coming up sooner than you'd think, Madison was practicing quite a bit of "Silent Night" today, working hard to get it right.  She's practicing with her foot pedal, and repeating it over and over again.  It doesn't get old though - not yet, anyway.  The foot thing is interesting.  In your mind, you're saying after each key you press:  "up-down!"  You press the note, and then you do an "up-down!" on the pedal.  Every parent with a child learning to play piano knows exactly what I'm writing about here.

We had thoughts of going out today, but the truth of things is that we were a bit tired.  Maybe tomorrow we'll be a bit more ambitious, but today we were content to stay at home and put up some decorations while watching a movie.

Earlier on, Madison was playing "Costume Quest 2," which is sort of the last remnant of the Halloween season - she hasn't finished the game yet, and is working hard towards defeating an evil dentist.

Tonight we continued the visit with Freedom, Tommy, Rush, Liberty and the Pilgrims before bed.  We also read from our devotional of course, today's entry leaving quite a cliffhanger.  Daddy has to work on this next devotional though, as December is coming up soon.  It's a Christmas-themed western devotional.  Today we got an idea, one that might work out - one where we mix cowboys and "The Nutcracker."  Maybe that'll be fun to do… we'll see!

Anyway, it was a quiet day today.  This weekend we have a few plans - there are two movies we want to see that open this weekend.  Also, this is the last weekend to see a corn maze, so we might do that too.  I don't know - we'll see.  Tomorrow is Nutcracker Camp, and more practice.  Plus the usual amount of prepping for a new series.  We'll see what we have time for!

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