Saturday, November 19, 2016

KP Live

KP Live was tonight, an event that Madison joined us for.  We'd been planning this one for a while now, and it was just great to have all the parents join us for a service created for the whole family.  Daddy was on stage and screen tonight - you can see him above for one skit.  The place was filled with parents and kids - we played games, videos, funny skits, and a few words from Pastor Lance.  It was a fun night for everyone.  We heard from so many parents afterwards who said they had a great time, and there was the usual "we didn't know you did all that down here!"  We do so much each week, preparing with all we can for each and every service, from videos to skits and messages.  As for the gingerbread houses, we'll just say the one that was 'built on the rock' survived.  The other one was 'scattered to the four winds.'  Storms of life will come, so you'd better be sure you're building your life on God's Word.

Before that, there was also the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  It was a long day, for sure.  We were busy serving volunteers for the children's ministry this afternoon too, with a really pleasant afternoon.  Lots of people showed up for food and our annual Christmas trivia game.  Josh and Daddy came up with a bunch of questions, and the tables vied for Christmas Knowledge Supremacy!  Mommy and Madison were at home for that one, getting some rest this afternoon.

The reason for that is that they were both at Nutcracker practice this morning, and a Parent Question and Answer session afterwards.  It was about two hours there with the Nutcracker, so we're definitely investing a lot of time in on that one.  And of course, it's only going to increase as we get closer.  The good news in all of this practice time is that the Nutcracker and the church's Christmas play are both the first weekend of December.  After that, we're a bit more relaxed with the practicing.

The Christmas play, however, is pretty taxing on Mommy.  Above is a vuvuzela that she converted into a trumpet with a royal flag.  She's been making costumes and props non-stop, sewing things together, ordering things, and just doing her best to keep up with the usual 'fluid' process of a church play.  Unlike at KidPak, we don't typically stick to the same script, costumes, or even a cast around here.  Things evolve over a 'process,' and up until the last minute, there are still things that could be adjusted.  Obviously, this is not how it works in the theater.  But this is what Mommy has been working with.  Hopefully we'll have it all nailed down soon.  But she's been very busy.  Again, after that first week of December, hopefully we'll see some rest.

We're still reading at night, although not as much tonight.  It was a late night. And we have an early morning tomorrow at KidPak.  Daddy wrote the final script for our "Trailblazers" series, and it has been so much fun.  We end it strong tomorrow.  But we all need a good rest tonight - tomorrow is another long day, with more measurements for Christmas plays and so forth.

Something to contend with:  Daddy's digestive system has been yuck.  It's weird to say this, but he's actually looking forward to surgery.

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