Saturday, November 12, 2016


SANTA!!!!  We met Santa tonight, and it was perfectly pleasant.  There was only one person in front of us, so we're still early enough to not have to worry about lines.  Best of all though is getting the Santa pictures earlier in the season so we can print them and share them with our yearly Christmas cards.

Madison talked with Santa for a bit, and gave him her letter that she wrote.  He'll peruse that this evening, I'm sure, and get the elves busy collecting all the good stuff.  Christmas morning should be something wonderful for Madison, because she's been so good all year.

After getting our pictures, we decided to stroll through the Mall of Georgia where we were.  The idea of looking at decorations and listening to Christmas music was a noble one, but it turns out the place was packed.  There were people everywhere - already.  We did manage to visit the Disney Store, ThinkGeek, and Madison really wanted to stop at a store called Justice.  Each place was so filled with people - it was amazing.

We got home quickly, and got on the couch to watch "Belle's Enchanted Christmas."  We were in the "Beauty and the Beast" mood as it was, so why not?  Daddy played a trick on Madison with the popcorn.  We had some jalapeño-flavored popcorn that's pretty spicy.  When it was time to bring the popcorn to the sofa, Daddy had a bowl filled with the spicy popcorn, and Madison tore into that pretty quickly... only to discover she needed a drink pretty quickly!

She actually likes the jalapeño-flavored popcorn though, so that's something to note later on!  Anyway, after the movie, it was time for Pilgrims and prayers and bed.  We had a big day today, and we've got another big day tomorrow.

This morning we started with Nutcracker practice, and of course Daddy was at work.  Mommy is collecting costumes for the upcoming church Christmas play, so all three of us were busy preparing for something upcoming.  The season's in full swing now!

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