Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We went to see "Moana" today at about 1:50 pm, mainly because we figured we'd be too tired after Thanksgiving to see a movie this year.  We like to do that Thanksgiving night thing, but this was a whole lot simpler.  We arrived about a half-hour early, and we're glad we did:  the place filled up very fast.  This movie will make a lot of money this weekend.

Madison loved it, as did Mommy and Daddy.  Of course, it is located in Hawaii, or at least a Polynesian island.  The music and culture took us back to the time we spent on our honeymoon, across the ocean nearly 16 years ago.  Wow, it's been that long...  Anyway, it was a good movie.  Daddy's favorite character is the rooster.

Afterwards, we went over to Parson's to see if they had any Christmas items for our upcoming new Cowboy Christmas series.  Sadly, they did not have much.  We did enjoy the visit though, seeing the Christmas villages and other decorations throughout the store.  Yes, we did pick up one thing:  it's a magic wand that you'll read about tomorrow.

We visited a few other places for Mommy, but we're all getting a bit hungry by that time.  That's why we went to Cracker Barrel, which is another place all ready for Christmas.  How nice to sit closer to the fireplace when the weather is a bit chilly outside.  We ate our comfort food, and while Mommy looked around the shop, Madison and Daddy had a game of checkers in front of the fireplace.

We got home a little later, too late to see a movie really.  Daddy read from the Pilgrims book, finishing it off.  We also read "Off to Plymouth Rock," another seasonal favorite.  The Rush Revere book was great though:  it really teaches a lot about the voyage, and about the plight of the Pilgrims - all they went through, and some moments of protection from Divine Providence.  Madison has enjoyed the book once again, and so has Mommy, who has been here for each reading along the journey.   Tomorrow, we'll finally arrive at our destination:  Thanksgiving!

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