Sunday, November 13, 2016

Crowded Schedules

Madison started out at church this morning with the two services - we had a hilarious morning.  This picture is before service as the kids are just starting to come in, where the fiddle is playing and the kids are getting ready for another "Trailblazers" kind of day.  The message of the day had to do with "Rounding 'Em Up," which was about being branded, and about evangelizing, of course.  The skit was great too - the actors are so good at KidPak.  Daddy didn't get this script finished until yesterday afternoon, and yet a lot of folks thought it was the best yet.  It's been a great series though, with lots of western humor and cowboy jokes.  There's been this one clue that we finally figured out today, one that Daddy's had out there the last two weeks.  Kids finally figured it out today, along with the location of the hidden gold.  We'll probably wrap up this story next weekend.  Oy, next weekend is going to be busy, busy, busy.  But that's this season we're in.  Lots going on.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, today was the really long ballet practice.  There was a run-through and everything.  Madison was there from 3:00 to about 6:30 or so, which after the big morning made for a really long day.  Still, she loves it, and everything else she's involved in.

Keeping our Christmas streak alive, we watched a short "Ice Age" Christmas special together before retreating upstairs to read from the Brave Pilgrims book, along with prayers for a good night's rest.

It was a full day today - really long.  We ate after church - Mommy made some of her butternut squash soup that's so good.  The smoke is back today, by the way.  All the fires that are still burning have created enough smoke to blanket the area and wreak havoc upon our sinus cavities.  It was a day to take medication for sure.

Speaking of 'needing medication,' the riots are still ongoing.  Not much commentary here about it thus far, but there are some folks causing trouble in the inner cities, protesting and eventually rioting about the democratic process that didn't go their way.  There is a lot of division out there right now.  But ironically, the cities seem to be getting the worst of it.  The reason this is ironic is because the cities generally voted for the losing candidate.  Therefore, it's the area that supports the losing candidate that is suffering the most.

We thought briefly about going to see a play in January at the Fox Theater, but now I just don't think it'll happen.  Why risk it when you don't know when these protestors will find some other reason to block streets and damage parked cars?  So we'll save money, and a lot of it considering it was a play a the Fox, plus parking fees.  Hopefully that same play will swing by Gainesville Theater Alliance some time soon, and we'll be just fine.

We're glad we live a little further away from all that, although it is slowly creeping this way.  When we went to Gwinnett yesterday, we were stuck in traffic for longer than we'd like, and things were pretty congested in the mall.  For now, we're okay.  But Georgia seems to be getting more and more crowded lately...

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