Thursday, November 17, 2016

Throw the Book at Him!

Tonight before bedtime, Madison threw a book at Daddy.  Now, to be fair, it was completely an accident.  She usually hides the book we read before bedtime, and in this case she hid it under a pillow. It was a hard cover book, and when she brought it out quickly, the corner of the thing got Daddy right in the forehead.  That corner made such an impact, he actually started bleeding.  As you can imagine, she was pretty distraught about this - and yeah, it left a mark.  Daddy was quick to let her know it was okay - that is, after he grabbed his forehead and said, "Ouch!"  Still, we'll probably be referencing this moment for a while, milking it for all its worth!

Anyway, we had a long, long day.  We found out surgery times and so forth - it's all in the morning and it's pretty quick.  This is amazing.  They literally take out an organ, and you go home the same morning.  It's outpatient surgery, of course.  I get there like 5:30, surgery starts at 7:30, and then by 8:30 it's done.  And within two hours from then, I'm ready to go home.  There'll be sore spots for a bit, but the great thing is an ability to eat food again.  Or, at least eat it without any immediate regrets!

Madison had a long ballet practice today, in preparation for the Nutcracker.  They didn't tell us the right time to come back though, so Madison was sitting there waiting on us for a while.  They've done this same thing to us twice now.  I promise we're not bad parents!

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy checked out a new pizza joint, one that had gluten-free pizza.  And… it was good.  Yes, that's right!  We have a new pizza joint to go to.  It's called Uncle Maddio's Pizza, and it recently opened here in Gainesville.  Hopefully it'll be around for a lot longer, because we love being able to eat without worry so much.

We got home pretty late.  Daddy read from that book, despite the injury sustained, and we said our prayers after that.  We're still praying for rain, praying for the firefighters in the mountains, and praying for peace with our government.  There are a lot more things being thrown this month, and they aren't just books.  The last two elections did not have this sort of protesting, but this election does.  There have been riots.  There have been all kinds of protests.  Ironically, many of the protesters did not even vote.  And yeah, some of these protesters are actually paid to protest.

Now there's a job for you!  From what I understand, it's $18.00 an hour, and there are benefits too.  I wonder what kind of resume you have to present when applying for a job to protest.  Here's some possible questions that applicants face, I'm guessing.

1.  "What's your previous protesting experience?"  
2.  "Can you come up with catchy things to chant over and over again?"
3.  "How good are you at destruction of public property, and can you block interstates so that ambulances can't even get through?"

If you find yourself good at any of things, you might want to consider being a professional protester.  And soon, based on the way our colleges seem to be behaving lately, there might even be an advanced degree for protesting.  Along the path to your chosen profession, you can attend classes such as:

1.  Community Organizing
2.  Protest Poster Decorating
3.  Taunting Police Officers 101

As these protesters have been doing this pretty consistently for the last few weeks, it's my guess that it's a pretty healthy profession.  The hours may be long, but they seem to be enjoying it at least.  Except for the ones that got arrested, of course.  Take it from me, it's no fun getting the book thrown at you.

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