Saturday, November 5, 2016

Snow Queens, Trolls, and Weird Floating Glasses

We had a fairly busy day once more, which Novembers typically turn out in large quantity.  As you can see above, today marked our return to the Nutcracker Camp, which for Madison is sadly her last year.  Our little girl is growing up too fast!  We dropped her off at around 10:30, and for a few hours she had fun making crafts, dancing, and there's the traditional pose with Clara and the Snow Queen.  Or, at least I think it's the Snow Queen.  This year, of course, Madison is a China Doll, so she'll be involved too.  We got tickets to go to the performance, including buying tickets for the grandparents and the cousins and Aunt Shain as well.  $$$.  But it'll be nice to be a part of a tradition that we've been going to see a few years now.

Anyway, Nutcracker practice was longer today, as they were doing costuming as well.  Madison was there at Brenau about four and a half hours, all said and done.  Mommy did a bit of shopping in the meantime, while Daddy went to work creating handouts, putting together props and music, and getting ready for a Christmas production of our own.  I think we've settled on the title "A Lone Star Christmas" for our cowboy-themed Christmas series coming up.  Here are some of the titles brainstormed:

1.  Christmas on the Prairie
2.  Spurs and Jingles
3.  Holiday Hoedown
4.  Christmas in the Wild, Wild West
5.  A Wild, Wild West Christmas
6.  A Lone Star Christmas
7. Jingle Jangle
8.  Christmas in the Country
9.  A Cowboy Christmas
10.  A Boot Scootin' Holiday Jingle Jamboree
11.  Saddle Up for Christmas!
12.  Hope on the Range
13.  Holiday Hoopla

Rejected titles:

1.  Heigh-Oh Silver Bells!
2.  The Best Western Holiday Inn Express
3.  Unforgiven
4.  The Good, The Bad, and The Holly Jolly
5.  John 3:16 to Yuma
6.  Django:  The Christmas Special
7.  Snowball Fight at the Golden Corral
8.  The Magnificent Seven Verses that Start Out Luke, Chapter 2

I think everyone is leaning towards "A Lone Star Christmas," as it brings to mind Texas of course, but also when thinking of Christmas imagery, you see the lone star over the Nativity.

Anyway, we got home, ate... and left.  There are two movies that come out this weekend, and we were going to see one of them.  Here's Mommy doing her best Dr. Strange impersonation.

There was this hair that got stuck in her glasses, and also on her fingernail.  It appears as if she is using her mystic powers to move about those glasses.  Or not.  Anyway, the movie the three of us chose to go see was "Trolls."

The cloud here is a great character.  Daddy's favorite might be the troll known as "Diamond Guy," who speaks entirely with auto-tune.  And shoots out glitter at others.

We enjoyed the movie, the three of us.  It had great music, and colorful visuals, of course.  We had our popcorn buckets and our seats in the back-center.  That's where you'll always find us in the theater.  We're approaching "Holiday Movie Season," where there are a lot of things coming out we'll want to see - it's been a bit of a dry spell lately.  We wanted to see "Mrs. Peregrine," but that's clearly not a movie for Madison yet.  Nor is "Dr. Strange," I might add. That's one we'll need a sitter for.  But coming up, there's "Moana" and "Rogue One" to see.  Madison really wants to see both of these.

We got home, and it's time for bed, pretty much.  We read more from Rush's adventure back in time with Pilgrims, and from the devotional too.  Another cliffhanger there.  And off to bed Madison went, right at 7:30, pretty much.  Although it's really 8:30.  See, Daylight Savings is tomorrow, and we all fall back one hour.  Ah, the joy of that extra hour of sleep!  How delightful!

Daddy is going to bed shortly too, in fact.  But before we do that, I have to get some more ornaments on this tree.  I don't think it'll be done by tonight, but certainly tomorrow night we'll see it through.  Busy day today, one with Snow Queens, Trolls, and Weird Floating Glasses.

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