Sunday, November 27, 2016

China Doll Practice

"Trailblazers" wrapped up this morning with a goofy skit about the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  It was a stand-alone skit, as we knew the weekend of Thanksgiving would have a lot of folks off to visit relatives and so forth.  Still, we had a good crowd, and we had a great message planned as well.  As always, Madison enjoyed the two services immensely.

Daddy and Mommy were quite tired though - we're enduring the tail end of this sickness, with sore throats and coughing.  Thankfully, there's no drainage problem.  There was a sleep problem for both of us last night.  The end result is Daddy's got this deep voice thing going on during the skit, and things are really raw right now.  It was fun though.

Such a busy day.  We got home and had less than a half hour to eat, and then get Madison into her ballet clothes, and then race over to Brenau.  This time we met at Pearce Auditorium, where Madison will be dancing her part in less than a week now.  Actually Thursday is the start of her performances.

Here she is with the other China Dolls, sort of mapping out where they'll be on stage.  The girls did well with their choreography, and only needed to make one adjustment towards the end, where they all stop to pose for the audience.  It's such a short number, the Chinese Dance.  But it's a start of something that Madison seems to be really enjoying.

We got home later, and there was a bit of time to play piano, and eat some dinner.  But after that it was pretty much time to settle down.  We got into our pajamas, and sat in the great room to watch "The Santa Clause 2" by our tree.  We actually bought this tree the same year that "The Santa Clause 2" came out.  We haven't seen a tree that looks better, and we've been looking here and there.  We've been really blessed with this tree.  It cost a lot at the time - we got it from a specialty shop down in Atlanta.  But it's lasted a long time, and we've gotten a lot of value out of it ever since.

We knew the Gävle Goat was going to be set up this weekend, and were sort of looking forward to it as a Christmas tradition.  Last year, the goat made it the whole season without incident.  Tonight, when Daddy was going to check on the live cam of the goat... it was literally on fire.  Already.  It doesn't take long to burn, so I must have timed it just right. 

So it's already gone.  And I mean right away.  I don't think the thing lasted 24 hours, and it was already up in flames.  For those of you in the dark about what this is all about, every year this community in Sweden for the past 50 years has put up this really big straw goat as a centerpiece in the middle of town.  It's a Yule Goat or something like that.  And for about half of those years, some arsonist lights it on fire, and it's gone.  It's a really strange back-and-forth struggle between community organizers and the vandals so obsessed with being the one to burn the thing down.  We follow it each year, and usually we make it a few weeks before the first attempt to light it on fire.  Last year was relatively peaceful, as nearly every morning in December we'd check the live cam and see the goat still standing proudly.  We didn't even make it to December this year.  That's still four days away!

Recently, the town of Gävle has pledged not to replace the goat once it burns.  So once the goat's gone, that's it for the year.  If that holds true, the vandals have ruined it for everyone this season.  All because of fire, started by one person.  It's a terrible, terrible thing.

We'll set up our Gävle Goat on the mantle here as we always do, but this year as a memorial to the one that was set up for the 2016 Christmas season. 

Anyway, it was a long day today, so after the movie it was time for bed.  Madison has this routine of hiding before bedtime.  Daddy has to find her, looking around all over the top floor here.  Lately, she's been hiding in all kinds of different places with her big Paul Revere poster board.  I turn the corner, and there's this big picture of Paul Revere jumping out at me.  Madison yells out, "I'm Paul Revere!"  Which is her equivalent of "Boo!"

We read from the Tribes Christmas devotional tonight, and prayed for health for the family.  We'll all be better in the morning.  Just a little tired now, but tomorrow will be a great day.

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