Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Plague Friday

I don't think we've actually been out on Black Friday in some time.  The thought of going out there is kind of stressful.  Not to say we didn't do any shopping - we actually found a few really good deals online this morning, and got them right away.  We can't say what they are right now, but it's for Christmas, and it'll be a nice surprise.

Today everyone was sick.  So it was good to stay home anyway.  It's a fever/sore throat sort of thing, one we no doubt got from church on Sunday.  The good news was that Madison wasn't so bad yesterday, and she's even better today.  Daddy and Mommy are experiencing a lot of yuck at the moment, with stuffy heads and coughs and the sore throat thing.  We're all on medication today.

So yes, we stayed home.  Of course.  The fact is that Daddy had a LOT to write today, and is already at page seventeen of the new devotional.  He wrote a LOT today.  It is almost supernatural.  This fact alone is pretty amazing.  The idea for the devotional struck me a few days ago, and though I wasn't sure what to write, I just started anyway, and things have sort of just flowed out.  It's not the most precise, carefully planned devotional story I've written, but it's still a bit of surreal fun.  What if we replace Clara from "The Nutcracker" with a cowboy?

Madison meanwhile played games, and played piano.  She did practice her "Silent Night" today, which is sounding great.  She played a new downloaded content for "Costume Quest," which is a game she loves dearly.  We watched a few movies tonight too, the Phineas and Ferb Christmas special, and "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas."  It was largely a day to rest and get well again, although Mommy has been working hard on Christmas props and costuming for the upcoming play.

We did finish the trees today too - the toppers are on, and all four trees are officially finished with their decorations.  They look very nice.  Tomorrow, we'll add a few more decorations to the house, lie the Nutcrackers and things like that.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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