Thursday, November 10, 2016

Spelling Bee

This morning was the big spelling bee, and all the way until Madison got out of the car to walk into the school, we were going over various words time and again.  So how did she do?  Pretty well.  Out of all the kids in fourth and fifth grade, Madison came in fourth overall.  That's right, she made it pretty far!  There were fifth graders - a year older - that she beat out.  She was fantastic.

I think if we had more time to study, she would have gone all the way - but there was piano practice and ballet and jazz and church and... well, it's a lot of other things going on right now.  So considering all that, she did well.  And more importantly, we're so very proud of her.  Mommy and Daddy were extremely nervous about all this, but she stepped up to do this with courage, and actually walked away saying she had a great time.  The class cheered for her when she returned, and Madison had a great experience from all this.  She wants to do it again next year, in fact.  We'll see how that goes, of course!

It was another day of work for Daddy, along with preparation for Mommy - she's getting costumes and so forth together for the upcoming Christmas play.  When Madison got home, we were going off to ballet, which has been getting out fifteen minutes later quite a bit lately.  If you added up the times she's gotten out fifteen minutes late so far, I think it would add up to two free classes!

Tonight after dinner we watched the Toy Story Christmas movie, a short one because of our limited time.  It's a great one with Battlesaurs, which would have been some pretty awesome toys if they were real!  And then it was time for Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, along with the wrap-up of our devotional for the cowboy series we're in.  We prayed for rain tonight, thanked God for watching over us, and that was that for the day.  And yes, we prayed for our leaders in Washington DC.  The President and President-elect met today, and there were kind words spoken.  All seems well, although there are lots of protestors and angry rants on social media and elsewhere.  And death threats as well.  Some folks just don't get it.

One note about today:  it was the worst smoke we've ever experienced.  It's happened before, but the land here is so dry (with no forecast of rain whatsoever).  No one knows if it is arson or not that started the forest fires north of us, but regardless, there are fires all over the Southeast.  The worse, they say, in history.  Our entire region is covered in smoke.  It's a brownish/orange haze that hangs everywhere, thick as fog, but entirely awful to breath in.  The end result are folks scrambling from their cars (where they used recycled air), racing indoors as soon as they can.  It was a terrible day to work outside.  Schools are ordered to keep windows closed, and Madison's school had recess indoors.  She was happy about this though:  she got to play Twister.  She demonstrated the game to us tonight, showing us how twisted up she got.  She can't wait to play Twister again - so there's one good thing about all this.  But really, it's mostly bad.  Our sinuses are irritated, our eyes burning, and our breathing labored.  This smoke is forecast to be with us again tomorrow, and we're not looking forward to it one bit.  We keep the garage open and closed as quickly as possible, treating it like an airlock.  Indeed, just going outside is something you want to hold your breath when doing.

Always something, huh?

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